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11 Holiday Gifts for Green Thumbs

Perfect gifts for Gardeners

We can’t believe it’s almost here, but the holiday season is right around the corner! Some of you might be making lists for holiday gifts you want, and others might be making lists for what to buy friends or family.

We love playing in our gardens, so our team picked out their favorite gifts for fellow green thumbs this Christmas!

Gardener’s Tool Seat

Spare your knees next year with a seat for the garden. Gardener’s tool seats are a great gift for any gardener, and some of them even have pockets or plastic storage lids so you can keep your tools safe and take them with you on the go! We recommend looking for plastic or durable fabric that won't mildew!

Decorative Gardening Gloves

Nothing beats a good pair of gardening gloves. A great set of gloves has padding but are also durable, making it so you can handle anything from poisonous vines to rosebushes without a problem. Whether you're buying for a fashion-conscious gardener or a very practical gardener - their fingers will be happy you added this to your Christmas list.

Rainwater Urn

Instead of letting gallons of rainwater go to waste, catch that rain! For the sustainability-focused gardener in your life, a rainwater urn will add a green twist to your yard! They come in various sizes (by the gallon), and have a spigot and hose so you can easily water your garden with the rainwater you collect.

Outdoor Utility Wagon

Wagons come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even collapsible. They can store your gardening tools (and even your tool seat!), and still have plenty of room to put all the fruit and vegetables that you pick. Stop making numerous trips a day to and from the garden with a handy wagon.

Kids Garden Tool Sets

If the green thumb in your family is still pint-sized, encourage their interest in nature with some tools tailored to their size! You can buy tool sets for kids that come with a rake, hoe, spade, and more. Whether they're already digging around in your planters or you're just trying to encourage them to help more in the garden, these sets are the perfect introduction to making gardening a family activity.

Compost Tumbler

Nothing is more organic than making your own compost. Tumblers come in various sizes, and most have air vents to help speed up the process. Using a tumbler makes composting simple, and some can create compost in as little as two weeks.

Outdoor Planters

If you’re shopping for someone who has a green thumb but has minimal gardening space, this is the perfect gift. Some outdoor planters can attach vertically onto fences or walls, and they are a great way to maximize gardening space in a tight area.


Some seeds need to be planted in February or March in order to bear fruit before fall, so get a mini-greenhouse. These simple devices allow you to get a jump start on gardening when the ground is still frozen.

Watering Balls

A lot of people think that the beautiful glass balls in a garden are just for show, but they actually perform a great service. Watering Balls are just that, balls full of water that slowly water your plants for 4-5 days. These are a great gift for anyone that likes to take vacation but doesn’t want to sacrifice the health of their thriving plants.

Cedar Plant Pyramid

For plants like tomatoes, beans, and clematis, helping the plant grow vertically helps them be healthy and fruitful. Why not have a plant pyramid that allows these plants to literally grow up?

Garden Gnome

Every garden is lonely without a friendly garden gnome to protect it and keep it company!

Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at your favorite Orlando Lawn Care Company, Evergreen, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. We hope you get all the gardening gifts you ask for this Christmas, and put those to good use next year!


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