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Fighting Summer Weeds Starts NOW

Florida summer weed control

Once weeds take root in your lawn it can be nearly impossible to eliminate them without professional treatments. Here in Florida, our climate makes the hassle of weed control a year-round chore. As professionals that help homeowners across Central Florida with their weed and lawn maintenance everyday, we wanted to highlight some steps you can take to prevent your lawn from being overrun with weeds. Early spring is the best time to start protecting your lawn.

What Kinds of Weeds Are Common in Central Florida?

The most common weeds in Central Florida are crabgrass, dandelions, goosegrass, and bull thistle.

If you’re thinking about using herbicides on your lawn you should consult a professional before you spray. Different weeds require different herbicides, and depending on the kind of grass you have the herbicide could kill off your lawn, trees, and plants. But there are preventative measures you can take right now that will discourage weeds from ruining your lawn.

How Does Proper Mowing Technique Prevent Weeds?

Proper mowing is essential to fighting weeds. Mowing too often or not enough will make your lawn stressed, inviting weeds to come and germinate. Mow your lawn on one of the highest settings so your grass will grow thick and shade weed seeds, preventing them from taking root. When you mow, don’t bag the grass. Let the clippings lie on your lawn to make it even harder for weed seeds to grow.

How Does Proper Watering Technique Prevent Weeds?

Deep watering means watering your lawn about once a week, and providing it with an inch of water. When your lawn has plenty of water your grass will be encouraged to grow deep into the soil, making the grass more resilient to drought and making it hard for weeds to have a chance to sprout.

When is the Best Time to Pull Weeds? 

An obvious way to fight weeds is to pick them out of the soil. If you only have a few weeds this is easy to do, but if weeds have run rampant across your lawn this won’t be practical. The best time to weed is when the soil’s wet, because this allows you to easily pull the weed out by the roots.

How Do I Kill Weeds Growing in Isolated Areas?

If you have weeds growing in areas where you don’t have any grass, there are a few things you can do to kill them off. You can pour boiling water on them, smother them with mulch, or lay down landscape fabric to stop weeds from growing. Again, this should only be done in isolated areas so you don’t kill off your grass.

Can Fertilizer Keep My Lawn Weed-Free?

Like mowing and watering, fertilizer encourages strong, healthy grass, and this helps prevent weeds from sprouting. If you want to fertilize your lawn you need to know what kind of grass you have. Ask a professional which fertilizer you should use and what time of year you should apply it, as different grass types need nutrients at different times of the year. But as a rule of thumb, most Florida grasses need fertilizer in the early spring.

Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

Lawn maintenance can be a lot of work and if you don't stay on top of it, your lawn can quickly grow out of control. To make this even worse, once weeds sprout they want to spread, and you need to know how to fight them off. 

If you'd rather leave fighting weeds to the pros, the team at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control is ready to help! 

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