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Throw a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

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As we get ready to watch the Patriots take on the Falcons in the Super Bowl, we can’t help but get excited for the parties and celebrations that come with the game. And since it feels like we just got through the holidays, hosting a party can feel a little exhausting—and expensive!

So in an effort to help you save money and enjoy the game with friends, your friends here at Evergreen Lawn Care & Pest Control put together a quick list of ways to host a Super Bowl party while keeping your budget in mind.

Buy on Sale and in Bulk

This time of the year, grocery stores are geared up and fully stocked for game-day parties, giving you a slew of sales and options to work with. Check local grocery websites and even for chips, soda, beer, and snack specials to keep spending to a minimum. You can save money by washing, prepping and cutting your own fruits and veggies instead of buying them pre-cut. 

Recipes for the Masses

Mini hotdogs are cute, but the cost of these snacks (and other individual munchies like it) can add up. Instead, opt for large quantity recipes like buffalo chicken dip, chili, nachos—pretty much anything that can be made in the crockpot or a baking dish. And speaking of dips, don’t discount the power of multiple homemade dips to give guests more options with less cost.

Potluck Everything

Potluck fare is the stuff great Super Bowl parties are made of, because they give everyone a chance to show off their ‘world-famous’ recipes. Not only does it save on cost, but it saves on cleanup too, since most people bring their own dishes and disposable containers. Get everyone on board by having a half-time contest to pick the party’s best dish!

Nix the ‘Extras’

Decorations, games, and a stocked bar are just a few of the things that make a host’s budget skyrocket—and you’d be surprised at how often people go all out! These nonessential items are festive, but you might be stretching yourself thin and being too accommodating. Instead, stock a few basic beverages like inexpensive beer, wine, and soda, and ask that guests bring their favorite drinks to enjoy and share. And when it comes to added entertainment, remember that people are there to watch the game - everything else is just “extra.”
Now that you’ve got a few budget-conscious ideas, you can focus your attention on your guests and the game. Whether you’re cheering on the Patriots or the Falcons, you’ll be able to kick back, have fun, and enjoy the biggest night in sports!

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