Pest Control Services in Central Florida

Highly Effective Techniques and Products

At Evergreen, we offer a comprehensive pest control service package that includes the best techniques and products available. We have been helping Central Florida homeowners and businesses deal with pest problems since our very first day in business back in 1991. Our pest control specialists are highly trained and hold multiple certifications as part of our company’s continuing education program.

A look at our effective pest control approach:

  • When you hire us, we will begin by conducting a full inspection of your property, identifying potential areas where pests thrive.
  • We will then conduct an initial treatment of your home which includes baiting behind kitchen & bathroom switch plates, cracks, crevices, and entryways.
  • Once we have identified the problem, we will treat the exterior of your home, creating a barrier that will protect your home from future infestations.
  • We will then use low toxicity baits to control pests like weevils, silverfish and cockroaches, in order to eradicate them from your home completely.
  • We will also inspect your home for rodents and set up the appropriate traps.
  • We can also install and monitor termite monitoring stations to detect activity before further damage occurs.

We're proud to offer pest control services near you, delivering our proven pest program in:

Family Friendly Treatments

Our pest control experts have developed comprehensive service pages that use the latest treatments and techniques in the industry to eliminate your pest problem.

Our goal might be to treat and prevent pest problems in your home, but our number one priority is the health and wellness of your family. That's why we only use treatments are child and pet friendly. We use odorless products that don't require you to leave your home or make you feel uncomfortable. Every formula is EPA-approved and has been highly tested by our team before we use it in and around your home. 

Why Choose Evergreen?

We've designed a customized integrated pest management solution guaranteed to solve the pest problems you are facing. Our friendly pest control experts also give you tips & advice on how to avoid pest control problems in the future. We also offer:

  • Free service calls if needed.
  • Superior customer service to our competitors.
  • Bundled discounts and special offers to save some cash.
  • Minimally-invasive and family-friendly products and treatments.

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