Add zest and character to your landscape with beautiful shrubs!

The health and growth of the shrubs in your yard depend on a number of factors. This is why it can be hard to care for your trees and shrubs yourself. Here at Evergreen, we know what it takes to protect them against insects, fungus, and harsh weather. Backed by over 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of Florida's environment, our tree and shrub care in Apopka keeps your ornamentals looking their absolute best!

Tree and Shrub Care Apopka

tree and shrub care in apopka

Here at Evergreen, we understand that no two yards are exactly alike. This is why we begin all of our services with an individual evaluation of your shrub's needs and develop personalized treatments that will ensure the best results for your shrubs. We first perform an inspection to determine the type of shrubs, their overall health, and the potential for insect issues and diseases. After the assessment, we develop a custom plan tailored to your plants' needs. 

Complete protection against insects and disease

Insect threats vary with the changing seasons. We have a comprehensive control plan in place to fend off insect attacks and encourage uninterrupted plant growth throughout the year. Our systemic insect control products and balanced applications get rid of insects and prevent future infestations. Custom blended treatments are seasonally adjusted to deliver maximum results, and safeguard your trees and shrubs' vitality for the entire season!

Have you noticed sooty mold on your foliage? Are your shrubs yellowing or browning?

Diseases in shrubs can be caused by biotic conditions (bacteria and fungi) or abiotic conditions (environmental or cultural). Our specialists are pros at detecting diseases early on and provide effective remedies to restore the health of your shrubs. Our disease control solutions have been designed to safeguard varied species of shrubs - common, rare, palms, and ornamentals.

 Our tree care specialists in Apopka will keep invasive fungal species from infesting your foliage and help maintain the beauty of your landscape. 

“I am very pleased with the shrub care technician, Jeff. I wanted to give him praise for providing outstanding service!” - Mr. H in Apopka

Add character to your landscape with beautiful shrubs

The health and growth of the shrubs in your landscape depends on a number of factors, including insects, fungus and harsh weather. This is why it's hard to care for them yourself! With more than 23 years of experience in Florida, our highly trained lawn care experts in Apopka keep your ornamentals looking their best!

No two yards are alike. This is why we begin all of our Apopka tree care services with a custom evaluation of your shrub's needs and develop personalized treatments that will ensure the best results.​

 Depending on your needs, our Apopka tree and shrub care services include:

  • Both granular and liquid fertilization
  • Custom blended applications based on the season
  • Insect and disease control to protect your property
  • Treatment for special plants and palm trees

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Give your shrubs the care and protection they deserve. Here at Evergreen, we provide top-notch, attentive tree care service in Apopka that will protect your landscape year-round. 

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