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Healthy trees and shrubs add zest and beauty to your landscape. Here at Evergreen, we know it takes regular care to keep your shrubs in top condition. Fortunately, our experts are up to the task, ready to provide advanced level tree and shrub care in Kissimmee. Our team has years of experience maintaining ornamentals and protecting them from insects, diseases, and other threats common to Florida. Our customized solutions will create a yard you can take pride in throughout the year--and the best part? You won't have to lift a finger!

Tree & Shrub Care Kissimmee

tree and shrub care in Kissimmee

The yard of your dreams without the hassle

The Florida climate can take a toll on your trees and shrubs, exposing them to bugs, diseases, and weather-related damage. Here at Evergreen, we use a proactive approach based on our extensive knowledge of trees and shrubs in the Sunshine State. Our expert technicians can identify early signs of a potential infection so they can begin treatment before damage sets in. When you put your landscape in our hands, you'll have peace of mind knowing your trees and shrubs are protected.

Our tree and shrub care services in Kissimmee include:

  • Fungus and disease prevention

  • Insect control

  • Specialized treatment for palm trees

  • Balanced granular and liquid fertilization

  • And much more!

Prevent insect infestations

Disheveled trees and shrubs are unsightly. Plus, healthy shrubs are better able to ward off pests. We'll protect your vulnerable ornamentals, strengthening them against the risk of insect damage by giving them the right blend of macro and micro nutrients. In fact, our tree care in Kissimmee includes controlled applications that will ensure your plants resist insects naturally!

Stop fungus in its tracks!

It doesn't take long for fungal infections to spread across your yard, traveling through air spores and dirt to attack trees and shrubs. Here at Evergreen, we know that the key to protecting your plants is prevention. That's why our experts apply high-quality control products during the most effective times of the year. You can count on our shrub care services in Kissimmee to provide your landscape with the proper nutrients to ensure healthy growth all year long.

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