Want to add zest to your landscape?

When your trees and shrubs look their best, so does your landscape. For that reason, taking proper care of your trees and shrubs is essential. Here at Evergreen, we understand that tree and shrub care in Lake Mary is a big responsibility--and that's why our team of technicians are dedicated to doing it well. We'll protect your ornamentals from insects, diseases, and other risks, so your yard looks terrific all year-round. Your only job is to enjoy the results!b

Tree and Shrub Care Lake Mary

Being natives of Florida, we understand the needs of trees and shrubs in our area, where the climate makes them vulnerable to certain diseases. Our technicians take a proactive approach, focusing on identifying and treating signs of infection before these diseases destroy your landscape. You deserve a gorgeous yard, and with our tree and shrub care in Lake Mary, you can rest easy knowing we've got everything covered.

Our services include:

  • Insect control to protect your plants from pests

  • Custom-blended, seasonal fertilizer applications

  • Balanced granular and liquid fertilization

  • Disease to protect your landscape from fungi and rot

  • And more!

Healthy trees and shrubs in every season

Each season brings a new set of threats to the trees and shrubs. Our professional technicians stop pests and diseases in their tracks before they spread to other vegetation. Plus, by providing the essential nutrients they require to thrive, we ensure your trees and shrubs resist insects and diseases naturally. It's all a part of our long-term approach to tree and shrub care in Lake Mary.

Cross it off your to-do list!

When you put your tree and shrub care in the hands of the Evergreen experts, it means one less thing for you to do. And you can be confident that your ornamentals will flourish because our team holds more certifications that our competitors! These certifications include the prestigious (PLANET) Nationally Certified Technician certification and the (FNGLA) Certified Horticultural Professionals certification.

Are you ready to take pride in your trees and shrubs all year long? Get a free, no-obligation quote today!

Get a free, no-obligation quote today!

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