Let us care for your trees and shrubs in every season!

Trees and shrubs require significant attention to stay healthy and green. Failing to properly maintain the trees and shrubs on your property will most likely lead to an insect infestation, rot, or disease build-up. We can help you avoid this headache altogether with our tree and shrub care in Lake Nona!

Tree and Shrub Care Lake Nona

With over twenty years of experience serving customers in the Lake Nona area, our comprehensive package will help to keep your trees and shrubs looking their absolute best. Our tree and shrub care services in Lake Nona include:

  • Insect control and prevention
  • Disease control and prevention
  • Fungus protection
  • And much more to keep your ornamentals healthy!

One Less Thing on Your To-Do List

Tree and shrub care is a process that will vary based on the climate and the season. It is a job that requires not only a great deal of time and effort, but also expertise and experience. Our expert tree and shrub care technicians have put together a structured, seasonal package to take care of everything for you-- so there's one less thing on your to-do list!

Protect Your Yard from Insects

Having insects on your lawn is not necessarily a bad thing. However, even with the insect population on your property, there needs to be a balance. Removing one kind of insect will encourage increased breeding of others. Our insect control will involve calculated applications that ensure the trees and shrubs on your property are well-guarded against insect infestations.

Eco-Friendly Products

Fungi can travel in multiple ways--some fungi are airborne while others can spread through dirt and grime. Fungal diseases on trees and shrubs have a tendency to spread extremely quickly. Because of this, we offer proactive fungus protection for your trees and shrubs, using the latest eco-friendly products found in the market.

Protection Against Harmful Diseases

Your trees and shrubs will also need to be protected from environmental or cultural diseases. When it comes to such diseases, it goes without saying that taking preventative measures is the best course of action. Our disease control will involve varied applications of chemicals appropriate for the specific variety of tree and shrub species on your lawn.

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