Increase your home's value with manicured trees and shrubs!

Healthy trees and shrubs are the foundations of a beautiful landscape; but caring for ornamentals requires both time and a comprehensive knowledge of proper care. Don't allow your trees and shrubs to become a burden.

Here at Evergreen, we provide customized tree and shrub care in Leesburg for your ornamentals. Our trained technicians target problems such as insect infestation and diseases--regularly monitoring your plants for signs of trouble and bringing them to their fullest potential.

Tree and Shrub Care Leesburg

tree and shrub care in leesburg, florida

A healthy landscape all year long

At Evergreen, we understand that trees and shrubs in Florida are vulnerable to diseases – and those infections can easily spread to your grass. If you don't address signs of disease on your shrubs immediately, you yard may end up disheveled and unappealing. Instead of worrying about potential problems, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful yard with our tree and shrub care in Leesburg. 

Our expert tree and shrub care team will develop a custom treatment plan to address soil health and the unique needs of the trees and shrub in your landscape. 

Our tree and shrub care in Leesburg includes:

  • Balanced granular and liquid fertilization methods.

  • Custom blended applications based on the season.

  • Insect control to repair and avoid damages.

  • Disease control to keep your property safe from fungi, rot, and other diseases

Protect shrubs from insects and diseases

Neglected shrubs are breeding grounds for pests, which can spread to other vegetation. Our professional technicians give plants the nutrients and attention necessary to flourish, so they resist diseases insects naturally. As a result, our tree and shrub care in Leesburg improves the look of your landscape for the long-term.

"I've been impressed by the Evergreen team every time they come to service my home!" - Elliot T. in Leesburg, FL

Professional services from shrub care specialists

Here at Evergreen, our tree and shrub care specialists in Leesburg are trained to identify the early stages of damage and disease and can provide fast and effective remedies to manage these problems. What’s more, our team holds more certifications than our competitors, which includes the prestigious (PLANET) Nationally Certified Technician certification and the (FNGLA) Certified Horticultural Professionals certification.

When you leave your trees and shrubs in the hands of Evergreen, you can rest assured they’re in the best hands! 

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