Add a little zest to your landscape with beautifully manicured trees and shrubs!

Did you know that the health and appearance of your shrubbery depends largely on how well it is cared for? Most people don't have the time to dedicate the proper care to maintaining them. Shrubs may add to the aesthetics of your lawn, but they can get infected very quickly. With our tree and shrub care services in The Villages, we'll care for your landscape like it's our own.

Tree and Shrub Care The Villages

tree and shrub care in The Villages

Neglect an infected shrub and you could soon end up with an infected lawn, too. Our expert tree and shrub care solutions in The Villages are customized, meaning we offer the best treatment plans to ensure that your landscape's health and beauty is maintained throughout the entire year.

We'll Keep Your Shrubs Healthy

Our tree and shrub care specialists in The Villages are trained and know about every kind of shrub that can grow in Florida's environment. We know what to do to keep the shrubs in your lawn healthy and free from infection. Before suggesting a treatment plan for your infected shrubs, we perform a thorough inspection.

Our mission is to offer the appropriate insect control and fungus control solutions that suit your lawn and your specific type of shrubs. We not only help drive pests away from your shrubs, but also make sure they stay disease-free and beautiful for a long time.

Our tree and shrub care services in The Villages include:

  • Custom blended applications based on the season
  • Granular and liquid fertilizers
  • Treatment for palm trees and special plants
  • Insect control to repair and prevent damage
  • Disease control to protect your yard from fungi, rot and other diseases

“My palm trees are so much healthier than the day I moved in! Evergreen has done a great job giving me the yard I've always wanted to have.” - Bonnie R., The Villages

Healthy Shrubs Mean a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

Insects and fungus can wreck havoc in your lawn. Shrubs are the most vulnerable to attacks and are frequently infected. When ignored, fungus and disease spreads from shrubs to trees and soon enough, your entire lawn is infected. To prevent this, it is important to treat infected shrubs early on.

We consider the type and size of the shrub, the extent of the infection, and the type of fungus or insect that has affected the shrub when developing your personalized treatment plan. We not only treat infected shrubs, but also offer fungus and pest control solutions to keep disease at bay. 

Top-Notch Solutions for Tree & Shrub Care

We offer top-notch solutions for tree and shrub care in The Villages. Our tree care experts are highly trained to tackle all kinds of infections and pest attacks on shrubs that are suitable for growing in Florida's environment. We also offer treatment to rid palms and other plant species of infection and pests. When you need someone to keep your shrubs healthy, you can rely on our experts.

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