Worried termites could be damaging your home?

If you’ve got a termite infestation, you’re not alone. There are thousands of homeowners just like you that have to deal with termite troubles each year. Termites can cause some serious damage to your home and eat a big chunk out of your budget if not taken care of quickly and properly. With our termite treatment in Winter Park, we’ll get rid of existing termites and safeguard your home for the long-term.

Termite Treatment Winter Park

termite control in Winter Park

Termites are serious business, and when you have an infestation taking hold in your home, getting them gone fast is the key to making sure your home and family stays safe. Termites can:

  • Cause dangerous damage to hardwood floors and tile

  • Make your home structurally unsafe

  • Cause walls and ceilings to sag

Here at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control, we believe that taking care of termites shouldn’t be a hassle. We can take care of your termite troubles quickly and efficiently, so these insects don’t have a chance to make a meal out of your home.

Non-toxic treatments for your family and pets

With our non-toxic Termidor treatments, you will have the peace of mind knowing that while the treatments are tough on the bugs, they are completely safe for your kids and pets. Our treatment is applied by expert technicians who are highly trained in termite extermination and have several years of experience in the industry.

Keep termites out for FIVE years

With our termite treatment in Winter Park, we will keep termites out of your home for five years. The best offense is a good defense, and our soil treatments will create an invisible barrier around your home to protect you against further termite invasions for half a decade. This preferred method of termite control means that once we get rid of the bugs, they’ll stay gone!

Termites gone in three months--guaranteed!

We are so sure that we can have your termite problem solved in three months that we personally guarantee it! Our trained technicians will get to work immediately, and termites will be completely eliminated from your home in just three months. And that’s not all--after we treat your home, we will conduct termite inspections every year to make sure that no termites have broken through the barrier. Our termite repair guarantee is our promise to you that we have your best interest in mind, and we will do whatever it takes to get your home termite-free!

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