4 Key Tips for a Healthy Yard in South Florida

One of the best things Florida residents love about the state’s unique climate is that we get to enjoy beautiful, well-manicured lawns nearly year-round. Keeping up with lawn maintenance is a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it—after all, who doesn’t appreciate a lush, green lawn? Follow these simple steps you can take to keep your lawn looking healthy and green throughout the entire year.

1. Mow Often.

Thanks to South Florida’s warm, humid climate, grass doesn’t ever truly stop growing throughout the year. Keeping your lawn trimmed by mowing it often is an essential step in lawn maintenance since it keeps pests and diseases at bay. Of course, make sure you’re mowing more frequently in the rainy season to keep the grass under control.

2. Water Correctly.

Your grass needs the right amount of water at the right times to maintain healthy growth. You should give your grass a deep soak twice per week during the hottest times of the year, and once per week throughout the rest of the year. By watering with more volume but with less frequency, the roots of your grass will grow stronger and will better withstand drought conditions.

It’s also best to water in the morning because watering late in the day—when the temperatures are hottest—causes water to evaporate before it’s soaked into the soil. You should also avoid watering at night to avoid any fungal issues.

3. Fertilize Appropriately.

Every lawn needs nourishment, including water, sunlight, and the right nutrients. While there are several DIY fertilizer treatments available at your nearest big-box home improvement store, you should rely on the lawn care experts at Service Choice of South Florida to feed your lawn the highest quality fertilizers available, applied on a seasonal schedule to ensure your lawn stays lush and green all year round.

4. Keep Pests Away.

Pests are no stranger to many South Florida lawns and keeping them under control is essential if you want to preserve the look of your lawn. In South Florida, chinch bugs are a major problem—when they make themselves at home in your yard, they can cause yellowing, browning, and even dead spots in your turf. The pest control experts at Service Choice of South Florida can remove any pest infestation you’re dealing with in your yard and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Get the Lawn You’ve Always Wanted with the Help of Service Choice of South Florida

Achieving a lush, gorgeous lawn in South Florida requires some extra love and care. Need help keeping your lawn looking beautiful? Reach out to the lawn care experts at Service Choice of South Florida. Call us today at (954) 568-9955 to schedule your consultation!