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Always wanted a lush, green lawn, but haven’t been able to achieve it? Leave it to the lawn care professionals at Evergreen! We’ll get your lawn looking healthy, green, and beautiful in no time.


Our technicians are highly trained to provide customized treatment plans based on your lawn’s unique needs.

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Evergreen not only cares for your family and your pets, but we also care for the environment. Our eco-friendly treatments are family- and pet-friendly, for your complete peace of mind.

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Evergreen has served Florida for more than 30 years. Our staff is made up of members of your community, looking to make a difference one lawn at a time.

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Expert Lawn Care Services in Florida

Ready to achieve that lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of? The lawn care experts at Evergreen are ready to provide effective, eco-friendly treatments and the best possible customer experience, so you can enjoy your lawn and outdoor space to the fullest! Evergreen’s comprehensive lawn care services in Florida ensure your yard looks beautiful all year round. Here’s just a sample of what to expect from Evergreen’s expert lawn care services:

  • Pre-emergent weed treatments to prevent weed growth.
  • Disease control to protect your lawn from disease.
  • Lawn pest control to eliminate current pests and prevent future problems.
  • Slow-release granular and liquid fertilizer to provide your soil with essential nutrients.

Our lawn care professionals are the best in the business. We know that no two lawns are the same. That’s why we create customized lawn care treatment plans—using only eco-friendly products—that get you the results you’re looking for. In no time at all, we guarantee you, your family, and your pets will be enjoying a healthier, greener lawn.

Professional Lawn Aeration in Florida

What do people with the healthiest, greenest lawns know? That professional lawn aeration is critically important! Lawn aeration gives grass the “breathing room” it needs to soak up vital nutrients, so it can thrive from season to season. As part of Evergreen’s annual lawn service program, we provide expert lawn care and aeration, giving your yard the treatment it needs to fully flourish.

We offer our professional lawn care and tree and shrub care services in the following cities:

Lawn Aeration Offers Distinct Benefits

If you want the healthiest, densest, greenest yard on the block, you can’t achieve it without professional lawn aeration. Evergreen’s core aeration technique stimulates lawns by creating evenly spaced holes, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow through the grass. Lawn aeration from Evergreen provides the following benefits:

  • Heightened absorption of vital nutrients.
  • Enhanced air and water uptake.
  • Improved root strength and resilience.
  • Increased heat- and drought-tolerance.
  • Reduced water runoff and soil compaction.
  • And much more!

Our expert lawn care and aeration technicians are ready to give your lawn the royal treatment. In combination with our aeration services, we also apply a coarse-grained, slow-release fertilizer to optimize the sustainability of your soil and stimulate growth. This method is extremely effective for Florida lawns. Schedule your aeration service today and watch your lawn thrive!

Skilled Tree & Shrub Care in Florida

In the greater Orlando area, the unique climate allows special trees and shrubs to thrive—but only if they’re healthy. If you’re looking to preserve and protect your trees and shrubs, Evergreen is the only name to call. Our experienced, trained, and certified tree care technicians will perform a careful inspection of your yard, and then create a customized treatment plan to pamper your plants and protect them from disease, insects, and any other elements.

The Evergreen tree and shrub care experience includes:

  • Combined granular and liquid fertilization application
  • Custom-blended applications based on the season
  • Disease control to prevent fungi, rot, and other diseases
  • Insect control to repair damage and prevent future infestations
  • Regular monitoring and treatment plan updates from certified tree care technicians

Quality Results—Guaranteed!

For over 30 years, the team at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control has served Florida with the very best in lawn care services. From eco-friendly lawn treatments to professional aeration, as well as skilled tree and shrub care, we want to make your yard one that you can be proud of! We also offer effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions, so you can enjoy your property to the fullest. Contact us today to learn more.


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