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In a place like Florida, mosquitoes are a year-round problem. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but they also pose a health threat to people and pets alike! If mosquitoes are keeping you from enjoying your yard and outdoor spaces to the fullest, Evergreen has the solution. Our effective, eco-friendly mosquito control solutions do two things fast—eliminate adult mosquitoes and keep their young from maturing. All it takes is one call to Evergreen, and we’ll get your lawn mosquito-free—for good!

Keep Your Lawn Mosquito-Free with Monthly Mosquito Treatment Services From Evergreen

Mosquitoes are a common problem throughout Florida, thanks to the region’s warm climate. If mosquitoes have made themselves at home in your yard, hoping the problem will go away isn’t enough—and DIY solutions don’t work either.

Evergreen’s trusted mosquito control solutions in Florida help you enjoy your yard to the fullest. Our skilled technicians perform monthly treatments that stop mosquitoes in their tracks. We apply our eco-friendly mosquito control treatments every month from March through October—when mosquitoes are most active. By targeting areas of your yard where mosquitoes live and breed, we ensure your yard stays mosquito free, all year round.

By relying on Evergreen as your preferred mosquito control service, you not only keep these biting insects at bay, but you also protect your family and four-legged friends from the serious diseases they carry, including:

Shield IconHeartworm disease (in pets)Shield IconMalaria Shield IconWest Nile Virus Shield IconYellow Fever Shield IconZika Virus

Our Florida mosquito control treatment services include:

  • Pre-treatment inspections to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding areas.
  • Targeted treatment of high-risk areas to control larvae, killing eggs at the source.
  • Highly tested, effective, eco-friendly solutions that are safe for your family and pets.

One-Time Treatments

Hosting your dream wedding? Planning an outdoor barbecue or birthday party? Make sure your guests enjoy a mosquito-free experience with the help of Evergreen’s mosquito control experts! We offer one-time mosquito treatment options that help you make the most of your event. We guarantee immediate results, killing pests on contact and preventing their resurgence.

Proven Mosquito Control Treatments in Florida

Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control wants our Florida friends and neighbors to enjoy a mosquito-free yard all year round. We offer comprehensive monthly and one-time mosquito treatments that kill these pesky pests for good, so you can make the most of your yard and outdoor spaces.


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