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Left unchecked, termites can decimate a structure, causing major structural damage as they snack on the wood that makes up your home or business. In fact, it’s estimated that termite damage in the U.S. costs more than storm, flood, and fire damage combined.

Treating a termite infestation as soon as possible is key when it comes to avoiding costly damage. If your home or business is affected by termites, the team at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control is standing by to help. Our professional pest control technicians use the most effective methods to rid your property of termites—and keep them gone for good.

Evergreen Exterminates Termites with America’s #1 Termite Control Product

Termites are a major problem in Central Florida, thanks to the area’s hot and humid climate. Florida is home to two common, invasive forms of termites: subterranean and drywood. Luckily, Evergreen’s proven termite control solutions are not only the most effective products on the market, but they’re also the safest.

Our skilled technicians understand how to handle even the most rampant termite infestations—we treat the entire colony, eradicating the problem once and for all. Our products are designed to transfer throughout the whole colony at a faster rate than other products. As a termite contacts the product, they carry it back to the colony where it spreads at a rapid rate. The treatment is proven to work immediately, eliminating the infestation completely within three months or less.

Rely on Evergreen for Comprehensive Termite Control

Why choose Evergreen to tackle the termite problem at your home or business? Not only do we use the best treatments in the industry, but our skilled technicians are the best at what they do. They’re highly trained and are dedicated to continual learning, using the latest techniques and methods to eradicate termites for good. Here’s why Evergreen is the best choice for termite control in Orlando and Central Florida:

  • Our treatments are non-toxic to humans and pets—they only kill termites.
  • Our treatments provide guaranteed protection for a minimum of five years.
  • We provide annual inspections to ensure no termites have broken through the treatment barrier.

We also offer specialized soil treatments for long-term termite protection. Our innovative treatments create a long-lasting barrier next to your home or business, so you can rest assured you’ll never deal with damaging termites again.

Evergreen Is a Termite’s Worst Nightmare

You can’t afford to let a termite problem linger at your home or business. Evergreen’s reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly termite control solutions rid your property of damaging termites—for good. Rest easy knowing your property is safe from termites by scheduling your free inspection today!


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