5 Tips for Caring for Shrubs and Ornamental Plants

Between extreme temperatures and severe storms, it can be tricky to care for shrubs and ornamental plants in Florida. While you already know that your lawn can benefit from regular treatment services, don’t forget that ornamental plants and shrubs need care and attention, too.

Here are 5 tips to help you care for these special plants:

1. Give Them a Good Soak

Watering is so important when it comes to keeping ornamental plants and shrubs healthy, especially throughout the summer. It’s best to give these plants a good soaking every week, rather than a quick watering. The best time to water is the morning, since it helps avoid evaporation and allows the water to penetrate the roots. Keep in mind that some ornamentals are drought tolerant, so make sure you’re watering according to the type of plant and the soil conditions.

2. Provide Plenty of Mulch

The heat in Florida can take a toll on ornamental plants and shrubs. If you haven’t freshened up your planting beds with a fresh layer of mulch this summer, now is the time. Mulch gives plants extra insulation that protects them from the heat. It also discourages weed growth, further helping the soil retain moisture so it can be used by the plants.

3. Remove Weeds

A big part of caring for ornamentals is keeping weeds at bay. Pesky weeds not only drag down the appearance of your landscape, but they also compete with plants for water and nutrients in the soil. While mulching is one way to prevent weeds, you should also go a step further and install landscape fabric and keep up with ornamental bed treatments to prevent weeds from taking root.

4. Stabilize Plants

Florida is well-known for stormy weather. Protect your ornamentals from the harsh wind and rain of severe thunderstorms by installing stakes to support taller plants. Without the extra support, tall annuals and perennials can sag and droop after heavy rains.

5. Prevent Pests

Even if you’ve taken the steps above to care for your shrubs and ornamental plants, there’s still a threat you need to be aware of—harmful pests. Florida is packed with pests that can eat away at your beautiful landscape. Check for holes in the foliage or discoloration and contact your pest control experts right away at the first sign of a pest problem. They’ll take a careful approach to get rid of problem pests while keeping your beautiful plants protected.

Elevate Your Landscaping with Shrub and Plant Care from the Experts at Evergreen

Taking care of shrubs and ornamental plants is hard work. Florida is a great place to grow unique plants that elevate your landscape and set your property apart from the rest. With a scheduled shrub care program from the experts at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control – Leesburg, you can ensure your landscaping looks its best throughout the summer and beyond. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 to get started!