DIY-ing Pest Control – Is It Worth It?

Pest control can feel like a year-round job for South Florida homeowners. While DIY pest control may seem like an easy and cost-effective route, but in the long run, it’s rarely worth it. Pest infestations—whether indoors or outdoors—can become a complex and challenging issue to tackle. Using over-the-counter products may temporarily eliminate the problem, but they seldom eradicate the root of the issue.

A professional pest control service will not only eliminate the current infestation but prevent them from happening again. Read on to learn all about why DIY pest control is a bad idea, and what you should do instead.

1. You’re Unlikely to Solve the Problem.

Whether you’re dealing with indoor or outdoor pests—or both—taking matters into your own hands with DIY products might seem like a quick and easy solution. The reality is that many of these retail sprays, poisons, and traps only provide a temporary fix to a larger problem.

While they may seem to rid your home of the creepy crawlies at the moment, they don’t address the root cause of the infestation. It’s not uncommon for these pests to return in even greater numbers. Instead of relying on DIY products, consider using the services of a professional pest control company to ensure a long-lasting solution.

2. You’re Often Dealing With Hazardous Chemicals.

DIY can pose a significant hazard to your family’s health and safety. Without proper knowledge, you may not be using the correct substance or method, leading to dangerous chemicals being sprayed inside your home.

EPA studies reveal the impact of using pesticides on the air quality when used indoors. Breathing in or ingesting these chemicals can have severe health consequences, so it’s important to hire a professional pest control service that follows all necessary safety measures. Protect your family’s health and safety by leaving pest control to the experts.

3. You Could Get Hurt.

While there are obvious risks that come when you deal with harmful chemicals found in DIY pest control products, it isn’t just the products you have to be aware of. Sometimes, the pests themselves can pose a threat to your health. For instance, if you’re trying to remove a wasp or yellow jacket nest on your own, there’s a great risk of being chased by a swarm and getting stung. Instead of risking your safety, leave pest control to the experts.

4. You Could Use the Wrong Product.

Using the wrong product can have serious consequences not only for the pests you’re trying to eliminate but for your home and family as well. Identifying the pest correctly can also prove to be a challenge. You may think you know what you’re dealing with, but without proper training, you may be misidentifying the pest and using a product that is ineffective. Don’t take the risk when it comes to pest control, consult with a professional to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your pest control methods.

Protect Your Health and Safety—and Your Property—by Leaving Pest Control to the Experts

Whether you’re dealing with indoor pests, outdoor pests, or both, never resort to DIY methods to take care of the problem. Save time, money, and hassle—and protect your family—by calling the pest control experts at Service Choice of Ft. Lauderdale. No matter what pest you’re dealing with, we’ll take care of the problem quickly and effectively. Call us today at (954) 568-9955 for your free pest evaluation!