Worried your South Florida property is infested with whiteflies? In our warm climate, these nuisance pests are rapid reproducers that can attack ornamental plants and trees, vegetable gardens, and more. There are over 75 species of whitefly in Florida, but the two most problematic for Florida landscapes are the ficus whitefly and the rugose spiraling whitefly. Read on to learn what you need to know about whiteflies, and how you can deal with the problem the worry-free way.

What Are Whiteflies?

Of South Florida pests that can invade your lawn and garden, whiteflies are among the worst. These tiny, white, soft-bodied flies can easily be missed when a few first appear. Since they multiply so quickly, it’s often usually not until they have reached epidemic proportions that you notice them.

If you suspect you have a whitefly problem in your landscape, regularly check the plants to make sure they’re healthy and insect-free. Look closely at the underside of leaves for white specks or a fine, powdery substance, whiteflies may have set up shop in your garden. Don’t worry if you spot ladybugs or spiders on your plants—they’re natural predators of the whitefly and can help keep populations down.

While whiteflies are generally seasonal pests that may not make it back after the winter, they could remain a problem if temperatures stay warm during the winter. It’s important to check for symptoms in your garden to determine if you’re dealing with a whitefly problem:

  • Brittle, dry leaves that turn yellow, then die
  • Poor plant growth
  • Sticky residue whiteflies leave on plant leaves, which can also lead to fungal infections

Many homeowners wonder how they got whiteflies in the first place. These pests are typically introduced into your landscape on infested plants that you’ve purchased, or they may have spread to your yard from an infested garden in the neighborhood. They’ll even make their way indoors, invading and feeding on your houseplants. One thing is certain—no matter how whiteflies arrived at your property, you should waste no time getting rid of them.

How Service Choice Treats Whiteflies

For years, Service Choice has been at the forefront of whitefly control. Working with the University of Florida IFAS and the Broward and Palm Beach County Extension Agencies, we’ve developed an innovative program that includes root drenches, basil trunk treatments, or direct trunk injections using high-quality systemic insecticides. Depending on your situation, we can supplement these treatments with foliar sprays while protecting beneficial insects that can naturally aid in the total eradication of both common species, the ficus whitefly and the rugose spiraling whitefly.

Helping South Florida Keep Whiteflies Under Control

Dealing with a whitefly problem at your property? The certified whitefly technicians at Service Choice of Oakland Park are ready to help! Please call us today at (954) 568-9955 to learn more about our whitefly treatment program and to schedule a free inspection and estimate of your property.