Florida Insects You Need to Keep Away From Your Garden

Thanks to Florida’s warm, humid climate, gardening is possible all year round. It’s also the perfect environment for several nuisance pests to thrive, each of them with its own unique way of destroying stems, leaves, and other parts of plants. While some pests do their damage quietly, the results of their efforts are almost always visible. Here are some of the most common pests you’ll find in your Florida garden, and what you should do to remove them.


Aphids attack almost any species of plant you have in your garden–an infestation is one of a gardener’s worst nightmares. If the leaves of your plants are turning brown and curled, it’s a good sign that aphids are nearby. 

Aphids transmit viruses as they feed on your plants, secreting a sticky substance called “honeydew.” In no time, the honeydew promotes the growth of sooty mold. It doesn’t take long for a small aphid colony to turn into a full-blown infestation, so taking immediate action and calling your local pest control experts is the best preventative measure you can take to protect your plants.


These damaging pests emerge from the soil at night to cut and eat seedlings and transplants at their base. As they cut new growth to the ground, they feed on the stem and leaves of the plants. The most common cutworm in South Florida is the black cutworm, and it poses a huge threat to vegetable gardens. These insects are most active in the early season when plants are tender. If you spot cutworm damage—like wilting at the top of your plants—reach out to your pest control experts immediately.


Whiteflies are a widespread nuisance pest throughout South Florida, traveling from garden to garden and sucking the sap out of plants. Once whiteflies have established themselves in your yard, they’ll instantly start doing damage to your plants. If left unchecked, whiteflies can stunt plant growth and even kill the plants you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. 

Whiteflies are easy to spot, thanks to their bright color. Check under the leaves or near the top of plants and look for tiny white insects. You can also feel leaf surfaces for sticky honeydew—it’s a sign that whiteflies are nearby. A whitefly problem is hard to treat on your own. Service Choice of West Palm Beach provides innovative treatments that protect insects that are beneficial to your garden while naturally eradicating the pesky whitefly.

Service Choice of West Palm Beach Helps You Protect Your Garden

While some Florida insects are beneficial to your garden, many others aren’t. If your plants aren’t looking their best, despite all your hard work, an insect infestation could be to blame. Protect your garden by calling the pest control experts at Service Choice of West Palm Beach today. We’ll develop a treatment plan that allows beneficial insects to thrive while removing any pests that can damage your plants. Call us today at (561) 734-9269 for your free consultation!