Get Rid of Brown Patch Fungus on Your Lawn This Fall

Most Floridians rejoice as fall weather approaches. The cooler temperatures and the end of hurricane season are most welcome, no matter where you live in The Sunshine State. But as the weather cools off, many Florida homeowners notice a pesky problem in their yards—brown patch fungus. Brown patch fungus, a disease that attacks grass, leaves large, circular brown patches on lawns throughout Florida every year. If you’ve noticed this unsightly problem in your yard, here’s how to get rid of it once and for all.

Water on a Schedule

Overwatering your lawn can cause brown patch fungus to take root and quickly spread. Brown patch fungus occurs on lawns where the surface of the grass is too wet, but the soil remains dry. It’s best to water once every 3 or 4 days, and you can water deeply—approximately .5-inch. Water in the early morning, if possible, so that moisture isn’t trapped at the surface during the afternoon when temperatures are hottest.

Improve Air Circulation

Brown patch thrives when there’s too much humidity in your grass, so many cases of the disease can be cured simply by improving air circulation to the lawn. The best way to ensure there’s proper airflow to your grass is by investing in professional dethatching and aeration, at least once a year in the fall. It’s better to rely on a professional’s touch instead of a DIY solution, since they have the high-powered equipment and expertise to ensure the job gets done right, without doing damage to your lawn.

Apply Organic Treatments

Whether you notice a few brown patches in your grass, or the disease has completely overtaken your lawn, don’t rely on DIY treatments to solve the problem—organic treatments can help your yard recover from this unsightly disease. The best way to cure brown patch fungus is with natural, eco-friendly products. Work with a local lawn care company that’s committed to eco-friendly practices, so you can rest assured that the treatments they provide are minimally invasive, as well as eco- and family-friendly.

Repair Your Lawn

After getting brown patch fungus under control, it’s time to repair your lawn with the appropriate nutrients and protection it needs to flourish year-round. Your local lawncare experts will suggest an appropriate fertilizer for the type of grass you have in your yard, as well as an ideal schedule for applying it. Proper fertilization, along with weed control when the growing season begins again, will keep brown patch fungus at bay, so you can enjoy a lush, green yard once again.

Get Brown Patch Fungus Under Control with Help from the Pros at Evergreen

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