How Can I Control Mosquitoes at an Outdoor Event?

Getting ready to host an outdoor event in the Orlando area? Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a family reunion, a graduation party, or anything else, you’ll likely have to contend with one of the area’s most pesky pests—the mosquito. How can you keep these annoying little bloodsuckers from ruining your big event? Here’s how you can protect yourself and your guests from mosquitoes.

Citronella Candles

Looking to prevent mosquitoes and add some charming ambiance to your outdoor event? Citronella candles are inexpensive and effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, and they can set a great outdoor mood. These candles are like the ones you burn in the home, but they’re formulated with ingredients that naturally repel mosquitoes. Keep in mind, though, that they aren’t the perfect solution for covering a large outdoor area.

Mosquito Repellent Sprays

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, mosquito repellent is a must for all your guests. Children and the elderly should always use mosquito repellent before going outside since their immune systems are more fragile.

Coverall Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets can stop these blood-sucking pests, as well as the myriad of other bugs that can annoy you and your guests in the evening. There are several styles of mosquito nets on the market, so you’ll have no trouble blending them in with your outdoor decorations. If you’re hosting an overnight event, mosquito nets add a romantic note to the overall look and feel of the occasion.

While nets are effective at preventing mosquitoes from attacking, they’re only efficient for small areas, and guests need to stay in that enclosed space. Guests will often be moving around at an outdoor event, going in and out of the netted areas and allowing mosquitoes to easily invade. Put simply, netting just isn’t practical for effective mosquito protection.

Mosquito Control Services

If you plan to host your event in your backyard, the best choice for preventing mosquitoes from ruining your event is to invest in mosquito control services. You can either invest in a la carte treatments that keep your yard mosquito-free for the duration of your event or ensure your yard stays mosquito-free year-round with recurring treatments.

Recurring treatments are the best option for homeowners since mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance—they can carry several diseases that can seriously jeopardize the health of your family and pets.

Professional Mosquito Control Treatments Ensure a Mosquito-Free Event

Mosquitoes make terrible guests. Not only are their bites itchy, but they can also transmit disease. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, keep your guests comfortable by ensuring that your yard is mosquito-free. Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Orlando offers eco-friendly mosquito control solutions that are affordable, effective, and safe. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 to schedule your free consultation!