Tips on Going Green

To help you go green, we put together ideas on how you can make environmentally responsible decisions when it comes to your home!

The idea of being eco-friendly is everywhere these days. From the news and politics to fashion and technology, there’s no escaping the trend of going green – but the importance of being environmentally-friendly isn’t just hype. 

Not only can we reduce our impact on the environment and leave the planet in better shape for our children, but being eco-friendly also creates jobs and can even help lower your bills. Here at Evergreen, we always choose solutions that are environmentally friendly. To help you go green, we put together ideas on how you can make environmentally responsible decisions when it comes to your home.  

Make your Lawn Care Eco-friendly

The saying that every little bit adds up is true. Every weekend during the summer, 50 million Americans mow their lawn, and in doing so they contribute about 5% to the country’s overall air pollution. On top of that, the average lawn in America will consume as much as 20,000 gallons of water every summer. 

These eco-friendly lawn care tips will do a lot to help you help the environment:

  • Mow smarter, not harder. The next time you need a lawn mower, ask yourself if you need a gas powered, riding-mower. For smaller properties, consider getting a corded push-mower or an electric riding-mower. These produce fewer harmful emissions and are quieter than gas-powered models. 
  • Don’t over-water. This is a common mistake that homeowners make. As a general rule of thumb, water your lawn no more than twice a week, and always let your soil dry out before watering again. If you notice  moss growing along your sidewalk, driveway, or garden, then you’re probably over-watering.
  • Start a vegetable garden. Save money on produce, take pride in eating food you grew, and help the environment.
  • Collect rainwater. If you have extra buckets lying around in your garage, put them out when it rains, or even under your gutter’s downspouts. They’ll fill up quickly, and you can use them to water your garden later in the week. (Just be cautious to cover them or use them quickly, so as not to create breeding grounds for mosquitoes!) 
  • Some plants love Florida. Using plants native to our area will save a lot of time, effort, and water. When we perform our tree and shrub care services, we see a lot of people use plants, grass, and flowers that are not acclimated to our soil and climate.
  • Leave the clippings. As you mow, don’t collect the clippings. Leaving them in your lawn is a perfect way to provide your lawn with mulch to encourage new growth.
  • Soak up the sun. Not only are solar lights inexpensive, but they don’t use any energy. If you like having your sidewalk or driveway lit, make use of the sun that shines all day and go solar.
  • Mow high. Long grass encourages roots to grow deep into the soil, and makes for a stronger lawn. Long grass also helps keep the soil shaded, prevents weeds from germinating, and will reduce erosion and runoff.

Transform your Household, too! 

It only takes a few small steps to introduce eco-friendly habits into your household. Having a “green” home isn’t just healthy for your children and the environment, but it’ll breathe fresh air into your bank account.
Use eco-friendly cleaners. Here at Evergreen, we use eco-friendly products for lawn care and pest control, so we love the idea of using plant-based cleaners inside the home, too! They reduce air pollution, minimize exposure to allergy and asthma triggers, and don’t use chemicals that are bad for your health.

  • Stop leaky faucets. It sounds obvious, but one drip per second from a leaky faucet can waste up to 5 gallons of water a day. 
  • Turn down the heat on your water. Most water heaters keep the tank at 140 degrees, but if you dial it down to 120 degrees you’ll save money on utilities, and your water heater will last a few years longer.
  • Feel the warm sun. Opening up the blinds or curtains when the sun is out during the winter can take 10 percent off of your heating bill. In the summer, block out the sun with blinds or shutters, and you can save 33 percent on cooling costs.
  • Unplug electronics. Know that television that you have plugged in but never use, or the toaster oven in your kitchen that you use once a month? By unplugging electronics that you rarely use, especially power tools, you’ll immediately see a reduction in your electric bill.
  • Energy-saver products. Those energy-star stickers on appliances mean what they say. The next time you have to replace a major appliance in your home, make sure it’s energy efficient.
  • Wash water on cold. Doing laundry with hot water is a waste of energy. And you can make use of our sunny Florida climate by line-drying your laundry.
  • Use cloth instead of paper. Using cloth napkins will save a lot of trees, and you can use rags or old towels to clean around your home instead of paper towels.

Lawn Care Companies Help Protect the Environment

Here in the United States, homeowners use more than 3 million tons of synthetic lawn fertilizers and 70 million pounds of lawn pesticides and herbicides. Studies show that about 65% of these chemicals eventually make their way into our lakes, rivers, and underground aquifers. This poisons the fresh water that’s growing ever more precious due to droughts and water shortages. 

Using unnecessary and potentially hazardous fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides is a trap that a lot of homeowners fall into. However, lawn care companies know how to treat a lawn, and when it’s necessary to apply treatments. 

Here at Evergreen, we use minimally invasive products so your children and pets are safe, and the environment doesn’t feel our company’s footprint. We are able to keep harmful products out of your lawn, neighborhood, and water supply. All year long we provide our customers with healthy, vibrant lawns of thick green grass, so be sure to give us a call if you have any questions!