What Happens During Bed Bug Extermination?

Sick of sharing your bed with bed bugs? These pesky bloodsuckers are notoriously tough to get rid of—but you don’t have to deal with a bed bug infestation on your own. All it takes is one call to the bed bug control experts at Service Choice of South Florida, and you can say goodbye to these terrifying pests for good. Here’s what you can expect from the bed bug extermination process:

Initial Inspection

The first step in bed bug removal is a thorough inspection of your home. The professional bed bug exterminators at Service Choice will look for signs of bed bugs, such as fecal stains, eggshells, and live bugs. They’ll also search for places where bed bugs typically hide, such as mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. During the inspection, you’ll need to be prepared to answer questions about when you first noticed the problem, how severe it is, and any previous treatments that you’ve tried.

Liquid Treatment Application

The first step in Service Choice’s bed bug removal process is the application of liquid treatment. Our exterminators apply this treatment to all bed bug hot spots, including ceilings, cracks and crevices, headboards, under mattresses, and behind baseboards. This method is proven-effective in eliminating bed bugs from your home.

Optional Mattress Encasements

To ensure that bed bugs do not escape or bite while you sleep, Service Choice offers optional mattress encasements. These encasements are designed to trap bed bugs inside, eventually leading to their death. Though optional, we highly recommend them to guarantee a complete bed bug removal process.

Optional IDM Bed Bug Monitoring Devices

Service Choice offers optional IDM Bed Bug Monitoring Devices to help monitor the presence of bed bugs in your home. These devices are placed in your bedroom and alert you if any bed bugs are missed during the initial removal process. This way, our exterminators can come back and make sure that all the bed bugs are completely eradicated.

Follow-Up Treatments

Service Choice believes in providing a complete and thorough bed bug removal process. That’s why we include two 7-day follow-up treatments in our bed bug control program. This is to ensure that any surviving bed bugs from the initial treatment are eliminated and that the issue is resolved for good. This process provides homeowners with lasting peace of mind.

Don’t DIY—Leave Bed Bug Extermination to the Experts

Service Choice’s bed bug removal process is a complete and thorough solution to this pesky problem. Our treatments and optional add-ons work together to ensure that no bed bug is left behind. In addition, we include follow-up treatments to correct any issues that may occur. If you discover bed bugs in your home, contact Service Choice of South Florida at (954) 568-9955 for immediate assistance. Let us help you regain your peace of mind and take care of your bed bug problem for good.