What Is the Best Shade-Tolerant Grass in Florida?

Maintaining a lush, green lawn in Florida can be a challenge, especially if your yard has a lot of shade. Finding the right type of grass that thrives in shady areas is crucial to having an attractive yard. While there are many shade-tolerant grass varieties available, not all of them are suitable for Florida’s unique climate. Let’s explore some of the best grass types for shady yards in Florida and their benefits.


Zoysiagrass is a popular choice for Florida homeowners dealing with the shade because it’s a low-maintenance grass that adapts well to a wide range of soil types. It has slow growth characteristics that make it easy to maintain, requiring less fertilizer and watering than other grass types.

If you’re looking for a grass that’s not just shade-tolerant but also drought-tolerant, you can’t go wrong with Zoysiagrass. It boasts excellent drought tolerance, making it an ideal choice for Florida’s hot, humid summers. In general, this grass thrives in partial shade and can tolerate a few hours of direct sunlight.

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St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass that is well-suited for Florida’s tropical climate. It tolerates shade, making it an excellent choice for those with trees or buildings that block the sun.

If you’re living near the sea, St. Augustine is an ideal grass type. It has a broad leaf and is more tolerant of salt spray than most other grasses. Keep in mind that this grass type requires some maintenance, including regular watering and fertilization—especially in the summer months. Overall, St. Augustine is an excellent choice for Florida homeowners that prefer a grass that requires little maintenance.


Bahiagrass is another shade-tolerant grass that is ideal for Florida yards. It prefers a sunny location for optimal growth, but it can adapt well to shaded areas. Its deep roots make it an ideal choice for drought-prone and sandy soils.

Bahiagrass requires less maintenance and water compared to other warm-season grasses, making it a cost-effective choice for Florida homeowners. It’s also resistant to insects and disease, which is a great advantage and makes it an excellent choice for larger properties.

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