What Is the New Invasive Bug in Florida?

Did you know there’s a new invasive bug in Florida? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Florida residents have one more nuisance pest to worry about—a new invasive mosquito. Researchers say the Culex lactator species of mosquito is already well-established in Southwest Florida, and the rest of the state is likely to see these potentially-dangerous pests very soon. Here’s what you need to know.

The Culex Lactator Mosquito Invades Florida

Originally from Central and northern South America, the Culex lactator species is all-new to Florida, and scientists are sounding the alarm. This species comes from a group of mosquitoes that transmit deadly diseases like the West Nile virus and the encephalitis virus. While researchers don’t yet know whether this species will spread the disease to humans, they say that there’s reason to be concerned.

In May 2020, researchers found a Culex lactator mosquito in Florida City that contained the blood of a warbler bird. Both the West Nile and encephalitis viruses spread quickly among bird populations, making the discovery a very troubling one.

While science has made great strides when it comes to mosquitoes, there are still gaps in research, particularly among tropical mosquito species like the Culex lactator. In short, it’s hard for researchers to predict the exact implications of this species’ presence in Florida.

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Controlling Mosquitoes

While partnering with mosquito control experts in your area is the best way to enjoy a mosquito-free yard, there are some actions you can take to make your yard less hospitable to these harmful pests. Some DIY methods that can help reduce mosquito populations in your yard include:

Remove Standing Water. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs even in tiny, shallow bodies of standing water, so you need to remain vigilant. Inspect your yard to find any containers of water and remove them. If you have standing water on your lawn, determine if there’s a drainage issue you can adjust to prevent water from pooling.

Plant Strategically. Did you know there are some plants that naturally repel these mosquitoes? Add plants like citronella, basil, lavender, peppermint, or lemon balm to your garden. You’ll enjoy the fragrant smells, and the mosquitoes will not.

Add Light. Citronella candles and other light sources can repel mosquitoes from your yard. You can even invest in bug lights with yellow bulbs that emit a light wavelength that naturally repels pests.

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Keep Mosquitoes Under Control This Summer and Protect Your Family

With warmer weather comes the inevitable arrival of mosquitoes. These pesky insects not only leave itchy and uncomfortable bites but can also pose a threat to the safety of your family and pets. Keep mosquitoes under control with the help of Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Leesburg.

Our eco-friendly techniques target mosquitoes and help keep them under control throughout the summer season while protecting natural predators like the dragonfly. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your time outside this summer. Contact us today at (407) 880-6655 to learn more about how we can help keep your yard mosquito-free.