At What Point Should I Call a Termite Control Professional?

Termite infestations are serious business—they cost millions of dollars in damage each year. Unfortunately, termites eat everything from wooden bed frames to wooden chests and can live on or in your property for an extended period of time before an infestation is even detected.

From drywood termites to subterranean termites, it can be tough to discover these harmful intruders before significant damage is done. If you want to protect your home or business and keep the damage to a minimum, look out for these warning signs of a termite infestation—and call your local termite control specialists immediately if you spot them.

1. You’re seeing termite mud tubes.

Termites create mud tubes, or shelter tubes, to build a bridge between their underground colony and the wood it feeds on. As you walk about your property, keep a lookout for these tiny tubes — they’re usually made of a combination of soil, wood, and debris. If you spot these brown, dry, and cylindrical termite mud tubes on your property, take a picture to show your local termite control specialists and call immediately, as it’s a good indication you’re dealing with an infestation of subterranean termites that could enter your home through a cracked or unsealed foundation.

2. Your floors, walls, or ceilings are sagging.

If you notice any part of your property—including floors, walls, or ceilings—start to sag, the culprit may not be water damage. If winged drywood termites have made themselves at home in your home or business, they consume the wood within your walls, leading to the sagging.

These termites are very common in Central Florida and warm, southern climates in general. Also, look for small piles of feces and small piles of wings that resemble saw dust around your property—these indications mean it’s a safe bet you’re dealing with a winged drywood termite infestation and need the help of a termite control professional.

Learn More About At-Home Testing

One way for termites to be discovered early is to listen for hollow sounds in the wood when knocking on the walls throughout your home or business. Termites create tunnels throughout the wood in the walls when they are eating and, when tapped, these tunnels will have a very different sound from the solid wood. It should be relatively easy to hear the difference. If you detect hollow sounds while conducting at-home testing, it’s a good sign you should contact a local termite control professionals immediately.

Call Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control Immediately at the First Sign of Infestation

Put simply, the moment you see a termite at your property is the moment you should reach out to your local termite control professionals. Termite damage is often severe and expensive, and the sooner you handle the problem, the better the outcome. Call the termite control experts at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Leesburg today at (407) 880-6655 for your free consultation and say goodbye to termites for good!