What Should I Do if There Are Spiders in My Christmas Tree?

Getting your home ready for the holidays? If you plan to bring a live Christmas tree—and all the holiday spirit it brings—into your home, keep in mind that you could be bringing some unwanted stowaways along with it. It’s always possible you’ll find bugs living on your Christmas tree’s branches, especially since many insects love to feed on or spend the winter in pine trees.

Spiders are just one troublesome pest that can make their way into your home on your live Christmas tree. Here’s what you should do if you suspect spiders are living on your Christmas tree.

Keep Spiders Out of Your Tree and Out of Your Home

So, you’ve just found the perfect live Christmas tree and brought it back home. Before bringing it inside, remember that it could be crawling with insects, including spiders. These annoying pests are commonly found on many Christmas tree varieties, including Douglas fir, Fraser fir, spruce, and white pine trees. Luckily, these spiders are usually not dangerous at all. Rather, they’re “overwinter” species, simply looking for a cozy spot to ride out the winter.

If you suspect there are spiders, or other pests, living in your tree, it’s best to prep your tree before bringing it inside. Leave the tree in your garage for a few days, if possible, and shake the tree before you bring it in. Simply lifting up the tree and knocking the bottom on the ground can shake loose some of the bugs that may have made themselves at home on your tree.

You could also spend some time vacuuming on or around the tree, targeting any spider webs you may see. Additionally, it’s helpful to dust the tree with Diatomaceous earth or spray it with neem oil to kill any bugs that are still on the tree. Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide powder with no scent that uses no synthetic chemicals. It’s one simple way to kill any remaining bugs – sprinkle it over the tree and shake off the excess powder before bringing it inside. The same goes for neem oil, which is another naturally-occurring pesticide spray that is commonly used to target insects at every growth stage.

Remember that you should never spray any type of chemical or aerosol pesticide on your tree. Not only are these sprays highly flammable, but they shouldn’t be used indoors at all. Protect your tree—and your indoor air quality—by avoiding any chemical sprays.

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Other Common Christmas Tree Bugs

While there are several bugs that can make themselves at home in your Christmas tree, most of them aren’t dangerous to people or pets. Look out for these common Christmas tree-loving insects:

  • Adelgids
  • Aphids
  • Bark beetles
  • Mites
  • Praying mantises
  • Sawfly

Most insects quickly die from desiccation or starvation when you bring the tree inside, and the ones that don’t, can be treated with the same method described above—Diatomaceous earth or neem oil.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Holiday with the Help of Evergreen

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