Why Isn’t My Tree Growing?

If your trees aren’t growing like you’d expect them to, they could be suffering from underlying problems that cause stunted growth. There are several causes that lead to stunted growth in trees. If you want your trees to survive, thrive, and look beautiful in your landscaping for years to come, here are some of the causes and possible solutions to deal with stunted growth.

Poor Watering Practices

As with all plants, the right amount of water is essential for the growth of trees. If your trees are showing signs of stunted growth, provide supplemental water at least once or twice each week, especially in seasons of low rainfall. However, you want to make sure you’re not overwatering your tree since giving it excess water can keep the plant from “breathing” properly. If your tree has fragile leaves; a constantly wet base; or pale, yellow-looking growth, let the tree breathe and don’t provide supplemental water.

Poor Soil Quality

A tree’s root system is one of the most important components for healthy growth. Tree roots need to be surrounded by good soil, and if you’ve just planted a new tree, they should be surrounded by mulch to encourage healthy growth. It’s often helpful to apply a fertilizer with a root stimulator to encourage the roots to pull in water. If necessary, you may need to put down fresh soil.

Inadequate Space

Trees need plenty of space to reach their full growing potential. New trees should be planted at least three feet away from each other to ensure that one tree won’t steal nutrients from the other. While densely populated trees look great in terms of aesthetics, planting a forest in your yard is a bad idea, and you may need to clear out unhealthy trees to prime the healthier ones for better growth.

Pruning Too Much or Too Little

While pruning involves cutting away parts of your trees, it’s a necessary step that improves their long-term health. A tree grows best when the entire plant grows at the exact same time. Limbs that grow too long or become too entangled begin to compete, damaging the health of the tree by depleting essential resources. Pruning too much or too little can damage the health of your trees, which is why you should always leave this task up to the expert arborists at Evergreen.

Protect Your Trees and the Look of Your Landscape With the Help of Evergreen

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