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As one of the most family-friendly and fast growing areas in central Florida, Apopka has a lot to offer. And here in the "indoor foliage capital of the world," it's only natural that you'd want a beautiful landscape to show off and share with friends and family. 

With over 23 years of expertise in the warm Florida climate, the professional team at Evergreen is here to help take the stress and labor of lawn care off your hands.  We'll come to your home and develop a personalized lawn care program designed to target your lawn's specific needs. Our Apopka lawn care services keep your lawn healthy, vibrant and thriving all year long- so you can get back to relaxing in your backyard instead of working in it! 

Lawn Care Apopka

lawn care in Apopka Florida

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Lawn Care in Apopka

Here at Evergreen, we offer both a comprehensive lawn care package and individual services depending on your needs. Either way, we'll do everything we can to get you the greenest, healthiest lawn on the block! 

We take great pride in providing the custom lawn care you deserve, and a lawn that will make all your neighbors jealous! Our Apopka lawn care program begins with a thorough analysis of the current health of your property. Our phosphorus-free, child-friendly fertilizers will provide any nutrients missing in your yard to nurture your grass and other plant life to health. 

Our Apopka lawn care services also include:

  • Removal of termites, fungus and other harmful elements in your lawn
  • Treatment of infected palm trees and other special varieties of plants
  • Eradication of weeds and laying of fescue grass
  • Seasonal treatments for the lawn - spring and fall treatments using pre-emergents 
  • Crabgrass removal and prevention 
  • Disease control and pest control

"Evergreen is one of the best companies out there highly educated and great customer service. I would give 6 stars if they let me!” - Chris, Apopka, FL

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Aeration Services in Apopka

Without proper aeration, your grass will be unable to access and absorb the proper nutrients it needs. These essential nutrients allow it to thrive and become the gorgeous green lawn you desire. Without them, your lawn will become more vulnerable to damage from disease, drought, and insects. 

Our custom aeration and fertilization program in Apopka uses premium grade, coarse-grained, slow release fertilizer containing natural minerals and micronutrients to pamper your lawn. Trust our Apopka lawn care experts to restore the vitality of your lawn this season.

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Why Choose Evergreen?

If you are looking for a professional and reliable lawn care company in Apopka, Evergreen is the way to go. We offer:

  • Free service calls and retreatments if needed
  • Minimally-invasive and family-friendly products and treatments including aeration
  • Best quality granular and liquid custom blend fertilizers
  • Friendly technicians who will visit your home at your convenience

Not only are we committed to improving and maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn – we do so with the utmost care for your family. Each formula we use is heavily tested and guaranteed to be safe for children and pets that like to play in the yard. We also ensure that we only use phosphorus-free fertilizer and lake-friendly pest control and lawn care methods, so you know your grass is in good hands. 

What's more – Our Apopka lawn care professionals always go above and beyond with personal, attentive service, so you feel like you're getting taken care of. That is the Evergreen difference! 

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