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We all want the perfect home and yard, but sometimes life just gets in the way. With so much on our plates, there’s hardly time to spend enjoying our lawn, let alone working on it. Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control is here to make your yard our top priority. By providing the best lawn care in Lake Mary, we can offer our clients peace of mind that their home is in the best hands. Spend your nights and weekends with friends and families rather than mowing and fertilizing your lawn!

Lawn Care Lake Mary

Lawn Care in Lake Mary

Here at Evergreen, we treat and protect every property we work on as if it were our own, every season of the year. Providing excellent lawn care in Lake Mary since 1991 has given us the knowledge and background to make sure every job is done to perfection. Our commitment to quality customer service includes offering you the best lawn care package on the market. Since we stay up-to-date with new and eco-friendly products, advanced techniques, and improving technology in the industry, we know we are providing the best lawn care in Lake Mary.

Our key ingredients to a healthy lawn

Every lawn is different, so here at Evergreen, we tailor our services for lawn care in Lake Mary to the specific needs of each lawn. After conducting a thorough inspection of the condition of your soil and its nutrients, we will create a lawn care schedule that will make your grass thrive and grow. Our Lake Mary lawn care package combines numerous services in order to make your yard vibrant, including:

  • Crabgrass removal and treatment to prevent further outbreaks.

  • Pest control prevention so nuisances like insects don’t infest your yard.

  • Treatments to stop diseases from infecting your grass before they start.

  • Spring and fall pre-emergent treatments to prevent weed growth.

  • Eco-friendly fertilization that keeps your pets and children free from chemicals.

  • Slow release fertilizers specifically suited for the soil of your lawn.

Plan your next BBQ or party!

Our team of dedicated Lake Mary lawn care professionals consistently go through rigorous training so they’re equipped to handle any problem that presents itself, on the spot. Our commitment to superior customer service isn’t just about showing up on time and being friendly-- we also guarantee our results. So if you aren’t satisfied with the way your lawn looks after we’ve treated your property, we’ll come back and apply re-treatments, free of charge. You’ll be able to rest assured that your lawn will look just the way you want it for that upcoming BBQ or party.

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