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Get $75 off The Best Lawn Service in Lake Nona
Taking care of your lawn is a time-consuming hassle. Call Evergreen for professional lawn service in Lake Nona! Trust in 28+ years of experience and our total satisfaction guarantee!

Professionally Trained Technicians

All of our staff are highly trained individuals who are committed to constant learning, which is why our staff is among the best in Central Florida. 

Eco-Friendly Treatments

All of our services are delivered in environmentally sound ways, so you can rest assured the job is not only being done correctly but safely as well.

Family Owned & Operated

We're a family-run service company that has been providing complete pest management and lawn care solutions to our neighbors since 1991.

I have used Evergreen exclusively for many years. I am very impressed by the technicians that treat my lawn. They always take the time to explain and answer any question I have. Thank you Evergreen!!

Lake Nona

Lawn Care in Lake Nona

Your lawn is the first thing you see when you pull into your house, and it's the first impression you make on visitors. Don't you want it to be beautiful? Our professional lawn care in Lake Nona will keep your grass green and healthy all year long!

Save $75 on lawn service!

Comprehensive Treatments for the Best Results 

We offer a wide range of services that include inspection of soil, laying of grass, removal of weeds, and more. When you sign up for our lawn care in Lake Nona, you get the following: 

  • Disease and pest control: Every lawn is prone to infections and attacks by plant-damaging pests. We offer complete, timely care to protect your lawn and keep it free from diseases with the help of the best fungicides. 
  • Seasonal solutions: Be it summer, spring or winter, we offer the perfect Lake Nona lawn care solutions for you. Our experts offer spring and fall pre-emergent care considering the type of soil, the season, and the plants in your lawn. Our technicians will also treat your lawn with the right kind of fertilizers for strengthening the roots, once before winter and once before spring to ensure maximum growth.  
  • Fertilization: The use of fertilizers is essential for providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients it needs to flourish. We use a blend of dry and wet fertilizers that are customized for your lawn based on soil sample evaluations. We use lake-friendly, phosphorus-free fertilizers containing the necessary micronutrients to ensure rich nutrients for your lawn and minimal risk to the environment.  

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Family and Eco-Friendly Products

Here at Evergreen, we don't believe you should have to choose between a beautiful lawn and the safety of your loved ones or the environment. That's why we only use products that are safe for your family, pets, house, and the environment! In fact, we use these products on our own homes. For your peace of mind, our highly trained Lake Nona lawn service experts will only use the highest-quality, safe products in your yard. 

Tree Care in Lake Nona

With over 28 years of experience serving customers in the Lake Nona area, our comprehensive package will help to keep your trees and shrubs looking their absolute best. Our tree care in Lake Nona include:

  • Insect control and prevention
  • Disease control and prevention
  • Fungus protection
  • And much more to keep your ornamentals healthy!

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Protect Your Yard from Insects

Having insects on your lawn is not necessarily a bad thing. However, even with the insect population on your property, there needs to be a balance. Removing one kind of insect will encourage increased breeding of others. Our insect control will involve calculated applications that ensure the trees and shrubs on your property are well-guarded against insect infestations.

Did you know we also offer pest control in Lake Nona in addition to lawn care? Learn more about how our one-stop-shop can also protect your home from pests!

Lawn Aeration in Lake Nona

In order for your lawn to thrive in the Lake Nona heat, lawn aeration is an essential treatment to ensure that your grass is receiving all of the nutrients and the oxygen that it needs to flourish. Over time your grass can get compacted which causes a buildup of thatch, heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface. This starves the grassroots of all the essentials for growth which can cause bare patches, thinning grass, and brown spots. Evergreen's aeration treatment can reverse this damage and return your lawn to the lush greenery that you deserve.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Choosing our experienced lawn care technicians to aerate your grass gives you the peace of mind that your yard will come out thicker, stronger, more resistant to disease, and ready to be the envy of the neighborhood. Once our core aeration machines have uniformly removed small plugs of dirt, our slow-release custom formula fertilizer ensures that all of the essential nutrients are provided at the time that your lawn needs it, not all at once.

Our 30 years of experience means that choosing our aeration services in Lake Nona gives your lawn:

  • Better access to the oxygen and nutrients it requires.
  • Stronger and healthier roots.
  • Specialized fertilizer to encourage faster growth. 
  • Increased resistance to disease and insect damage.

The best part of it all? We are currently offering 10% of all aeration services of $100 or more in Lake Nona, so call our lawn care technicians today!

High-Quality Customer Care

Here at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control, we understand the importance of having a company you can trust. After all, letting strangers into your home can be a scary thought. Our pest control in Lake Nona is inclusive of not only the best services but also the high-quality customer care you deserve. We maintain open lines of communication with all of our customers, so you are never left in the dark. Plus, by using minimally invasive and family-friendly products, you can rest assured knowing the safety of your loved ones is always on our mind!

Did you know that we also offer pest control in Lake Nona? We are your one-stop-shop for home services!

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