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Keep your lawn healthy and green in every season!
If you find yourself spending hours in the yard, sweating over your lawn, it's time to take a step back and let the professionals at Evergreen take lawn care off your hands. Our Windermere lawn care services are tailored to your home, so your lawn stays healthy and green in every season.

I have used Evergreen exclusively for many years. I am very impressed by the technicians that treat my lawn. They always take the time to explain and answer any question I have. Thank you Evergreen!!

Lake Nona

Lawn Care Windermere

Here at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control, we've been helping your friends and neighbors achieve the vibrant, green lawns of their dreams since 1991. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, we offer the best lawn care in Windemere and the surrounding area. When you partner with us to take lawn care off your hands, you'll get a scientifically proven system designed to address what your lawn needs most at each point in the season. Our Windermere lawn care service includes:

  • Inspection of soil to determine the right type of fertilizers to use
  • Fertilization based on your soil and its specific needs
  • Chemical-free pre-emergent weed control in Spring and Fall
  • Crabgrass prevention and treatment
  • Customized lawn care treatment to suit the soil

Our lawn care technicians in Windermere are rigorously trained until they are experts on the common plants and shrubs that flourish in Florida's environment. We start with a detailed lawn analysis that allows us to build a custom lawn care treatment plan tailored to your soil, grass, and the unique needs of your landscape. Whether you want regular lawn care in Windemere throughout the year or just seasonal services, you can rely on us to keep your lawn green and healthy all year-round.

“I received the best service I has ever gotten from a lawn care company.  I really appreciate the effort that Carlos puts into my lawn.” - Mr K., Windermere

Get a beautiful lawn without all the hard work.

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Aeration Services in Windermere

If you're noticing bare or brown patches in your lawn, it's possible that your grass isn't getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. A long summer of scorching sun, mowing, and regular wear and tear can leave your lawn tired and in need of some TLC. Our lawn aeration services in Windermere strengthen your grass at the roots, punching holes organic build-up of your lawn to reduce standing water, help water, fertilizer, and nutrients reach the roots of your grass, and allow grass seed to penetrate deeply. 

When you add seasonal aeration in Windermere as part of your lawn care program, our team of lawn experts will rejuvenate your lawn and revitalize your landscape. 

And once your lawn has been aerated by our licensed and trained technicians, we use the industry's finest coarse-grained, slow-release fertilizer. This nourishes your lawn with natural minerals and micronutrients, improving the health and vibrancy of your grass all year long.

Get the Windermere aeration services you need.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Windermere

The shrubs in your lawn are exposed to weather, insects, microorganisms and pests. We can handle all your shrub care needs reliably. If you want your shrubs to maintain good health and look their finest, our tree & shrub care services in Windermere are just what you need. We are experienced at safeguarding and nurturing shrubs of all types!

Treatment Plans for Every Season

We have a seasonally-adjusted care plan in place in order to protect your shrubs from the various seasonal threats. We begin by inspecting your shrubs and landscape to check for signs of existing infestations/disease. We then develop a customized care plan to specifically target your shrubs specific issues that will provide a targeted and highly-effective protection. Our tree care specialists in Windermere tend to your entire lawn on each visit, ensuring each area is completely free of threats to your landscape.

  • Insect control: Insects don't normally attack healthy trees and shrubs. However, young plants and season-to-season defoliation can make them more susceptible to insect problems. Our controlled tree and shrub applications in Windermere make your landscape more repellent to insects and keep attacks away. With the right blend of macro and micro nutrients, we also provide excellent fertilization to your shrubs that keep them healthy allowing them to better defend against future infestations.
  • Fungus control: Because fungus travels through air spores and dirt, infection can spread quickly and cause your foliage to wilt. When it comes to fungal infections, prevention is the best tactic to protect your shrubs from harm and avoid fungal attacks. Our tree and shrub care professionals in Windermere apply industry-best control products on your shrubs during the appropriate times of the year to enhance their resistance. 
  • Disease control: You may not always be able to spot the tell-tale signs of disease affecting your shrubs. Most diseases are controllable, so it's best to take preventive measures during the right times of the year to protect your foliage effectively. Our Windermere tree & shrub care includes applications of disease control products that act as a strong defense against seasonal “infections”.

You deserve to have a yard that you're proud of, and our team will take care of your landscape like it's our own.

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What Are You Waiting For?

There's no need to spend your weekend's elbow-deep in soil or puzzling over bare patches in your grass. If you have been looking for quality lawn care in Windermere from a company that you can rely on, you have found it! At the core of our business is superior customer service, so that means your satisfaction is our guarantee. 

Over the past 25 years, our talented team of technicians have been offering the highest quality lawn care with the highest standard of customer service. We'll do everything we can to give you a yard that you love - and if, for some reason, you aren't pleased with the results of your lawn care treatments, we'll come back and re-treat your property for free! 

Our Windermere lawn care treatments are minimally invasive and family-friendly, and our technicians go the extra mile to make sure you feel safe as we care for your lawn. Many of our loyal customers come back to us year after year because we work hard to treat you like family. That is the Evergreen difference!

Did you know we also offer pest control in Windermere in addition to lawn care? Learn more about how our one-stop shop can also protect your home from pests!

Evergreen can help your lawn thrive this year.

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