Spend Time Enjoying Your Yard, Instead Of Working On It!

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is being able to spend time in your yard with friends and family, and in an area as beautiful as Winter Park, why wouldn't you want to show off your yard? 

However, maintaining green grass takes a great deal of time and effort, as well as an understanding of how Florida's subtropical climate affects your landscape. Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control has the solution for your lawn care woes. With our lawn care services in Winter Park, you get the benefits of a healthy, vibrant lawn without having to invest your time and energy. 

Lawn Care Winter Park

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Lawn Care    Aeration

With museums to explore and outdoor delights like Central Park and the Kraft Azalea Gardens to sit and enjoy the Florida sunshine, it can be a disappointment to return home at the end of the day to a tired, dry lawn. 

Here at Evergreen, we have over 20 years of experience providing high-quality lawn care in Winter Park. Because we understand that each yard is unique, our team of Winter Park lawn care professionals will develop a personalized lawn care program for your yard, based on a careful assessment of its needs. We communicate with you every step of the way, keeping you informed throughout the process and answering all of your questions. Let our Winter Park lawn care specialists revitalize your grass and give you the best lawn on the block!

“I was watching the news last night & saw that the BBB recognized Evergreen for being an A+ rated company. Greg does a great job on my lawn!” - Mr. D. 

Lawn Care in Winter Park 

Our experienced Winter Park lawn care technicians target your lawn's specific needs to keep it healthy and green, using only the safest, most effective products and techniques in the industry. Because your family's safety means so much to us, we also use phosphorus-free fertilizers that are child-friendly and safe for your water. We provide a combination of lawn services in Winter Park to bring your grass to life, including:

  • Pre-emergent weed control applications every spring and fall to prevent and treat weeds.

  • Customized pest and disease control treatments to prevent and eradicate insects and diseases that may harm your lawn each season.

  • Granular and liquid slow release fertilizers customized for the soil in Winter Park – both phosphorus-free and lake-friendly to protect the environment.

Does lawn care feel like a never-ending chore?

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Aeration Services in Winter Park

Dumping layers of fertilizer and grass seed on your lawn isn't the secret to success – core aeration is! Aeration breaks apart layers of compact soil and thatch that naturally accumulate and decompose on your lawn, making it easier for air, water, and beneficial nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Our aeration service in Winter Park: 

  • Helps your lawn absorb vital nutrients
  • Makes your lawn healthier and easier to maintain
  • Allows water, air, and fertilizer to filter down to the roots
  • Strengthens the roots of your grass and stimulates growth 

When you add aeration service to your Winter Park lawn care program, our expert technicians also treat your grass to a regimen of premium grade, coarse-grained, slow release fertilizer, containing all the natural minerals and micronutrients your lawn is lacking. We give your lawn a custom blend to optimize the health and appearance of your lawn.

Aeration is the key to a healthy lawn.

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Enjoy Your Time Outdoors With a Healthy, Vibrant Lawn

When you have a green, vibrant lawn, you'll want to show it off. At Evergreen, we stay up-to-date with the latest developments and new products in the industry, so our Winter Park lawn care service can take your yard to the next level. As a result, you'll have the perfect place to host BBQs, celebrations, and other summer fun. After all, you should be able to enjoy your backyard!

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