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Pest Control Winter Park

Winter Park pest control

While many people believe bugs are just an innate part of living in the beautiful Florida climate, it doesn’t have to be. We designed our Winter Park pest control to be as effective and efficient as possible, so that our neighbors and friends can live pest-free all year-round.

After conducting an initial inspection of your property, our exterminators in Winter Park will employ the latest treatments and techniques to rid your home of existing pests--and to keep them from coming back.

Effective and hassle-free pest control

During the first visit, we will first inspect your home and identify places where pests thrive. From there, our technicians will treat the exterior of your home, creating an outdoor barrier that stops pests before they can get inside. On top of that, we also use low-toxicity baits in the following places to eradicate existing pests where they thrive:

  • Cracks and crevices

  • Entryways

  • Behind switch plates

  • And more!

Another added bonus? With our exterior pest control treatments, you don't even have to be home! Pest control shouldn’t be a hassle, and with our services, it won’t have to be.

Protection against rodents, termites, and more

Are you worried about rodents, too? As part of our pest control services in Winter Park, we will also inspect for rodents and set up the appropriate traps if necessary. Our technicians can also install termite monitoring stations to make sure your home is protected from costly damage. 

Family-friendly solutions

Your family's safety is our top priority-- that is why we use odorless baits that are child and pet-friendly. We take pride in our innovative solutions. As a matter of fact, our highly-trained pest control specialists hold multiple certifications. There's no question--you can rely on our pest control in Winter Park to keep pests, rodents, and termites out for the long-term.

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