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Get $75 Off The Best Lawn Aeration in Central Florida

Without proper aeration, your grassroots will be unable to access and absorb the proper nutrients they need. These essential nutrients allow turf to thrive and become the gorgeous green lawn you desire. Without them, your lawn will become more vulnerable to damage from disease, drought and insects. 

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Lawn Aeration in Central Florida

Aerator Aerating Florida Lawn

Our aeration service includes our custom fertilization program, where our expert technicians use premium grade, coarse-grained, slow-release fertilizer containing natural minerals and micronutrients to pamper your lawn. As part of your aeration program, this allows your lawn to get the nutrients it needs for an extended period of time, optimizing its effects. Our highly trained technicians understand the needs of your lawn, allowing them to institute the best custom fertilization solution for you. 

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Reverse the Effects of Compaction

Our technicians use core aeration machines to bore evenly spaced holes throughout your lawn. Compaction is a result of layers of thatch and dirt that have been compacted over time from common wear and tear. Cores of soil are pulled from the ground and deposited on the surface, where they then decompose, returning their nutrients to your soil and promoting further growth. Benefits of aeration include:

  • Allows your lawn to better absorb vital nutrients.
  • Helps your lawn flourish, making it healthier and easier to maintain.
  • Allows water, air, and fertilizer to filter down to the roots.
  • Strengthens the roots of your lawn and stimulates growth.
  • Works to reduce standing water on the surface of your lawn.

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Highly Rated Online with a 4.6 Rating

Our number one priority is to you, the customer. We are able to provide the best customer service for our lawn aeration in Central Florida because of our technicians. Friendly, knowledgeable, and nationally certified, our technicians go about their job enthusiastically and professionally. We are proud to foster a dynamic team that never fails to follow best practices, works hard to exceed your expectations, and develops strong relationships with all of our customers. We think our customer reviews and our 4.6 star rating shows how much we care about our customers! 

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Areas We Service in Central Florida

Here at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control, we are proud to be a locally owned company that serves our neighbors and friends. We offer our premiere lawn aeration service to Central Florida, including the following:

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Debary - Delivery Location

915 Diplomat Drive, Suite 105F
Debary, FL 32713

Apopka - Main Office

1200 Tilden Ave
Apopka, FL 32703


6663 Narcoossee Rd, #190
Orlando, FL 32822

Leesburg - Delivery Location

31651 Executive Blvd, #1
Leesburg, FL 34748