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Save $75 on Lawn Care with Guaranteed Results

Are you looking for a lawn care company that is reliable, experienced, and knows just what it takes to create a healthy, vibrant lawn? The nationally certified and highly trained lawn technicians at Evergreen have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We take the work out of your hands and into ours, ensuring you get the best-looking yard on the block!

Save $75 on lawn care!

Lawn Service in Central Florida

Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control technician pushing a green and black lawn mower across green grass.

Before any actual lawn products are applied, our highly trained technicians will complete a free, thorough inspection. This includes a walkthrough of the property noting cultural influences that will call for more specialized treatment and application methods, providing the right product for the situation to attain the best results. We will be sure to provide the fertilizers and nutrients your lawn needs to thrive and grow.

Lawn Fertilization Backed by 30+ Years of Experience

While many people may have the same variety of grass, the conditions under which they grow vary. Evergreen's lawn care is backed with 30+ years of experience in developing our treatments for your specific grass. Once we have completed our complimentary analysis, our certified lawn technician will create a treatment schedule tailored specifically to your unique lawn.

Our lawn care includes treatments such as:

  • Spring and fall pre-emergent weed control applications to prevent weed growth.
  • Bald spot repair to bring your lawn back to health.
  • Disease control that prevents your lawn from becoming infected or suffering from fungus.
  • Full insect protection to control and prevent the risk of lawn pest infestations.
  • Slow-release granular and liquid lawn fertilization appropriate for the soil on your lawn. 
  • Phosphorus-free and lake-friendly fertilization that keeps your environment safe.

Note that Florida fertilizer laws require that we do not apply fertilizers to saturated soils or the time period during which a flood, tropical storm, or hurricane watch or warning is in effect for any portion of the county between June 1st and September 30th.

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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Products & Guaranteed Results

With dozens of lawn care companies to pick from, you may be wondering why you should choose Evergreen. Our lawn technicians stay updated with the latest industry developments, new & eco-friendly products, and advanced techniques, allowing them to provide you with the highest level of lawn care.

When you partner with Evergreen for lawn care, you get the Evergreen difference:

  • Our products and treatments are minimally invasive, as well as eco- and family-friendly.
  • We offer free service calls and re-treatments to guarantee the lawn you want and deserve.
  • We offer bundled discounts for multiple services to save money.
  • All lawn technicians go through rigorous training and are state certified under the "Greens Industry-Best Management Practices," ensuring the ongoing protection of our valuable water sources. They even have the chance to become full-fledged arborists!
  • Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty, and we pride ourselves on offering customer service that is superior to that of our competitors.

Highly Rated Online with a 4.6 Rating

We not only focus on providing the best custom solutions for your lawn but also on sharing our knowledge with you. We are always available to answer any questions you may have to ensure we are providing exactly what you are looking for from your lawn services. We have maintained lasting relationships with our customers for years by developing a partnership. We think our customer reviews and our 4.6-star rating shows how much we care about our customers! We'll treat your property as our own, and perform our responsibilities to the highest standards to maintain your beautiful lawn and our renowned reputation!

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We Use The Highest Quality Lawn Care Products

Lake-friendly pre-emergents target seeds prior to germination, reducing the opportunity for grassy weeds such as crabgrass to sprout. Our lawn care technicians treat your lawn with the industry-best pre-emergents to keep weed growth away while utilizing products and methods that will minimize the impact on the local environment. We will develop a planned application schedule that will quickly and efficiently address your weed problem.

We apply our pre-emergent herbicides before the seeds of summer and winter weeds begin to sprout. This ensures the seeds never get a chance to grow. Crabgrass, for example, germinates when the temperatures in the soil reach approximately 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. With a pre-emergent herbicide, the seeds will begin to sprout and immediately be affected before they can grow and spread in your yard.

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Lawn Treatments For Every Season

Here at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control, we have 7 applications in our annual lawn care program - ensuring that we are doing the most we can to give you the lawn you deserve. Our high-quality lawn care program consists of 2 granular applications to enter dormancy and spring. With our 5 remaining liquid applications, we are proactive against weeds by using pre-emergent herbicides 2 times per year. We also exercise a systemic insect control program that offers lasting protection from turf destroying insects. This treatment provides a barrier between you and the pests, weeds, and diseases you want to keep out of your yard. In addition, we go above and beyond to ensure that all our liquid fertilizer components are best suited for our central Florida soils to take care of not only you and your loved ones but the land we all call home!

So, Why Choose Evergreen for Lawn Care in Florida?

You may be asking yourself, "Well, why Evergreen?" The answer is because:

  • We deliver highly personalized services and customized care plans designed to meet the needs of your lawn.
  • We utilize the best quality lake-friendly, phosphorus-free, controlled release, dry, granular fertilizer to ensure your grass grows into a healthy, vibrant lawn. 
  • With our fertilization system, your grass is fed naturally through the root system. This prevents Nitrogen loss through the soil and air. This also means there is lower nitrate runoff and fewer greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Lastly, customer satisfaction and service is our number one priority. We go above and beyond what our competitors do to ensure your satisfaction with our services and results.

Our eco-friendly lawn care program minimizes risk to the environment, your family, and your pets. Let us transform your lawn so that you can sit back and enjoy your yard the way you're supposed to!

Areas We Service in Central Florida

Here at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control, we are proud to be a locally owned lawn care company that serves our neighbors and friends. We offer our premier lawn care to Central Florida, including the following:

Want a vibrant, healthy lawn without all the work?

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