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Termites can damage your home in no time, often before you are even aware of the infestation. Our termite treatment in Orlando is designed to keep you from becoming overwhelmed and your home from being damaged. We take care of the current issue quickly and safeguard your home from termites in the future with our highly effective Termidor program. Let us help protect your home from termites year-round and give you back your peace of mind you deserve!

Termite Treatment Orlando

Termite Control Orlando

This may seem like an obvious one, but did you know termites won't just go away on their own? In fact, if termites are left to fester, their damage can be quite costly. Here at Evergreen, we train our termite specialists to recognize the unique signs and symptoms of termite infestations. Then, we employ advanced treatment techniques to control and eliminate termites as quickly as possible, which helps to prevent further damage. We believe that termite control in Orlando shouldn't be a hassle. We'll take away the stress of living with termites so your life can return to normal!

"Evergreen takes care of both our lawn and home pest control. They do a great job, technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and give me confidence." - Gene

The best termite treatment on the market

Here at Evergreen, we utilize Termidor, which is widely regarded as the best termite treatment available on the market. Here's why:

  • It has the ability to zero in on termite colonies, targeting termites with incomparable speed.
  • Once a termite is exposed to Termidor, it carries the product to other termites in the colony, creating new carriers.
  • In as little as three months or less, your home will become completely free of termites.
  • The best part? It is non-toxic to humans and pets, so you and your family are completely safe.

Protection for at least five years!

Here at Evergreen, soil treatment is our preferred method of termite control in Orlando, Florida. It creates a barrier around your home, keeping termite infestations at bay. Best of all, it protects your home from termites for at least five years. After treatment, our experienced termite control specialists will come back once a year to make sure no termites have returned. We are so confident in our Termidor treatment that we even offer a termite repair warranty for our customers, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve!

To keep your home safeguarded from termites year-round, let Evergreen help with our termite treatment in Orlando.

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