4 Essential Tips for Zoysia/St. Augustine Lawn Care in 2023

Looking to achieve the lushest, greenest lawn on the block in 2023? Both Zoysia grass and St. Augustine grass grow well in Florida’s warm, wet climate. Either grass species can create a great-looking lawn if you know how to properly care for it. Here are four essential tips to help you make the most of your Zoysia or St. Augustine lawn—this year and beyond.

1. Water Appropriately.

Zoysia grass and St. Augustine grass have very different needs when it comes to watering. While Zoysia is very drought-tolerant, St. Augustine requires a good drink a few times every week. In general, Zoysia grass needs about one inch of water per week, while the thirstier St. Augustine grass needs two to three inches of water per week. If it’s not getting that from rainfall, spread out your watering three times per week during the Summer.

2. Follow a Fertilizer Treatment Program.

Both Zoysia and St. Augustine grass need fertilizer to grow lush and green. Zoysia grass requires less fertilizer than St. Augustine, as long as you’re watering it appropriately. Appropriate fertilization all depends on the growth rate you want and your soil fertility. Rather than leaving it up to guesswork, rely on Evergreen’s trusted lawn care fertilization programs to provide your grass with the exact nutrients it needs to flourish.

3. Mow Regularly.

You’ll need to mow your lawn not only to keep it tidy, but also to keep weeds and insects at bay. While Zoysia grass thrives when cut to a height of just one to two inches, St. Augustine grass flourishes when it’s allowed to grow a bit taller. In general, you should mow St. Augustine grass to a height of two to three inches.

4. Aerate the Lawn.

Thick turf like Zoysia grass or St. Augustine grass can become very dense and compact over time. If you want your lawn to truly thrive, you need to invest in professional aeration from the experts at Evergreen.

Our core aeration technique bores evenly spaced holes throughout your lawn, loosening layers of thatch and dirt. The soil cores allow nutrients to penetrate the soil, and they even release nutrients as they decompose on the surface of your turf. By following a routine schedule for aeration, you can ensure your lawn can soak up vital nutrients, water, air, and fertilizer, stimulating dense, healthy growth.

Get the Best-Looking Yard on the Block with the Help of Evergreen

Zoysia and St. Augustine grass are surprisingly sensitive plants that take the right combination of nutrients and maintenance to grow lush, dense, and green. If you’re looking to make the most of your lawn, regardless of what species of grass you have, all it takes is one call to the lawn care experts at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Debary. We’ll create a customized, eco-friendly treatment plan for your lawn to prime it for long-term, healthy growth. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 to get started!