4 Things Your Lawn May Be Trying to Tell You

A beautiful lawn is a sight to behold. It’s comfortable to walk on, adds value to your home, and acts as the perfect setting for outdoor activities. As natural as green grass is, it’s not without its problems. From pest infestations to diseases, your turf can send out subtle warning signs your lawn needs attention. Here are some of the important messages your lawn may be trying to communicate.

1. You’re Overwatering.

When you overwater your lawn, you’ll notice it becomes waterlogged and mushy. If the condition persists, you’ll start to see the grass turning yellow. Excessive water can be caused by either heavy rainfall or over-irrigation. Too much water weakens the grass, causes root rot, and makes the grass more susceptible to pests and diseases.

If you’re overwatering, adjust your watering schedule and avoid watering during the day. Water your lawn in the early morning or in the late evening to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly.

2. You’re Fertilizing Improperly.

Nobody wants to be a victim of fertilizer burn. When you over-fertilize your lawn, you’ll notice leaf blight, discolored grass, and dead patches. You may also notice patches of thick, dark grass due to overgrowth. Understanding the type of grass you have and the nutrients it needs is important when fertilizing your lawn—instead of going it alone, rely on the lawn care pros at Service Choice for a comprehensive fertilization plan that meets the exact needs of your grass. Smartly applied fertilizer not only helps your lawn thrive but also saves you money.

3. You’re Dealing With a Pest Problem.

Pest infestations are not uncommon in lawns, and they manifest themselves in various ways. Chinch bugs, for instance, cause yellowed patches of grass and can lead to irreversible damage if not addressed. The right reaction to these pests involves identifying the pest, determining a solution, and preventing future infestations. Rather than going it alone and risking misidentification—and making the problem worse—contact the pest control experts at Service Choice for accurate identification and treatment.

4. You’re Dealing With Disease or Fungus.

Disease and fungi lead to dead grass blades, yellowing, and a thinning of your lawn. Fungi come from moisture that doesn’t dry off your lawn and can cause discolored, crumbling grass. Brown patches on your lawn are usually due to fungal infections. To prevent disease and fungal infections, water your lawn less frequently, stay on top of leaf litter, and be aware of any infestations. If you have an active disease or fungal infection, reach out to the lawn care experts at Service Choice to stop the spread and heal your turf.

Pay Attention to Your Lawn’s Warning Signs

Your lawn can tell you a lot about what it needs for lush, healthy growth, but it’s all too easy to miss some of the common warning signs described above. If your lawn’s looking the worse for wear, contact the lawn care pros at Service Choice of Oakland Park at (954) 568-9955. With professional care and maintenance, your lawn will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.