4 Tips for Getting Your Yard Looking Perfect for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is well-known as the kickoff to summer and all the fun activities and events the warm season brings. It’s a great day to spend with friends and family as you reflect on those who have served. Whether you’re planning to host a Memorial Day party or not, now is the perfect time to prep your yard for summer. Here are our tips to help you spruce up your yard for Memorial Day.

Green Up Your Grass

Spring is the prime growing season for most grasses in Florida. Before the hot weather arrives, it’s when yards throughout the region look their greenest and their best. Now is the time to ensure your grass is ready for healthy growth by relying on your local lawn care experts to fertilize your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow lush and green. They’ll also apply a preemergent to keep crabgrass and other weeds from taking over your yard. By relying on lawn care professionals to green up your grass, you’ll have the best-looking lawn on the block just in time for Memorial Day.

Care for Your Plants

No yard is complete without some beautiful ornamental plants, shrubs, and trees. As spring blooms start to pop, make sure your plants are looking their best with the help of your local tree and shrub care experts. At Service Choice, we offer both lawn care and tree and shrub care services. All it takes is one call to us, and we’ll ensure your grass and your beautiful plants are thriving before the holiday.

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re bringing out your patio furniture from winter storage or you’ve kept it out all year, it’s time to clean up your outdoor furniture. You could use soap and water and a gentle sponge, but a simpler solution is a quick soak with a pressure washer. While you’re at it, use the pressure washer to clean off hardscape surfaces, including your driveway, sidewalks, and patio.

Prevent Pests

Pests are a year-round problem in South Florida, including around Memorial Day. From mosquitoes to wasps and everything in between, there are plenty of troublesome pests that can put a damper on your enjoyment of the great outdoors on this special holiday. Luckily, Service Choice can help with that, too. We’ll ensure your lawn is free from nuisance pests–while protecting beneficial insects—so you and your guests can enjoy Memorial Day to the fullest in your outdoor space. 

Get Your Yard in Shape Before Memorial Day

Ready to transform your yard just in time for summer? Service Choice of West Palm Beach is the only name to call! Lawn care; tree and shrub care; and pest control—we do it all. We’ll help you make the most of your outdoor space, beautifying your lawn and plants while keeping nuisance pests at bay. Call us today at (561) 734-9260 for your free consultation