Do I Even Need to Treat My Lawn for Weeds in the Fall?

Wondering whether you should treat your lawn for weeds as temperatures cool down? It often comes as a surprise to homeowners that fall is the ideal time to treat weeds. In fact, preventing weeds in the cooler days of autumn paves the way for a lush, healthy lawn once spring arrives, since applying herbicides in the late season strikes weeds at their most vulnerable. Here’s everything you need to know about fall weed control treatments.

Types of Troublesome Weeds to Treat in Fall

There are many invading weeds that can take over a Florida lawn in the fall. Before treating your lawn, you need to know what could be growing in it:

  • Broadleaf: There are several common weeds that thrive in autumn in Florida. This group includes clover, chickweed, and plantains. They’re hard to control since they multiply after they flower, and their seeds blow away. Removing these weeds while they’re small is the best way to keep them from spreading.
  • Grasses: Weed grasses like crabgrass, annual bluegrass, and goosegrass are common throughout Florida. These troublesome weeds spread fast and steal water and nutrients from your grass. The best way to prevent these pesky weeds is with appropriate herbicide treatments.

It can be hard to identify these invading weeds on your own, so rely on the advice of a weed control expert who can determine what’s growing in your turf and how to treat it.

Helpful Lawn Weed Control Tips for Fall

Want to get rid of weeds in your lawn this fall? Prime your grass for lush growth when spring rolls around by following these simple steps:

  1. Schedule Weed Control Service: October is the best time to schedule your lawn weed control service. During this month, weeds are in food storage mode to help them survive the winter. Your weed control expert will apply the best treatment—either granules or liquid—and take other weed control measures, hindering this process and keeping weeds at bay.
  2. Seeding: Most homeowners have their lawns seeded in the fall, so grass is ready to sprout in spring. Your weed control expert will avoid seeded areas, spot-treating larger weeds and protecting your grass in the process.
  3. Fertilizing: One of the best ways to prevent weeds from sprouting in your lawn is by reducing the room they have to grow. Rely on your weed control expert to apply quality lawn food in the months of October or November to maintain a thick, healthy lawn. When your grass has a strong root system, it can defend against invading weeds. 

Treat Your Lawn for Weeds This Fall and Enjoy a Lush Lawn Next Spring!

Fall weed control is the secret to achieving that healthy, green lawn all homeowners want. All you need is the help of a professional lawn care company like Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Orlando. We know how to get rid of weeds safely and effectively, without harming your grass.

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