Does Rain Increase Bugs? How Weather Affects Indoor Pests

No matter the time of year or the weather conditions outside, bugs are never welcome guests on your property. Thanks to Florida’s unique climate, it’s not uncommon to find unwanted creepy-crawlies in your home or business throughout the whole year, but you may notice more of them after it rains. But does rain really bring bugs into your property—and lead to potential infestations? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this unfortunate, yet preventable, phenomenon.

How Rain Affects Indoor Pests

Are you noticing bugs in your home or business after it rains? It’s very common to spot more bugs around your property after heavy rain—after all, insects want shelter from the weather just like people do. While staying dry is a large part of why pests seek shelter inside homes and businesses across Orlando, a wide variety of insects can enter your property after a rainstorm for a range of reasons. Here are some of the pests you’re most likely to encounter following a heavy rain:

  • Ant colonies, which live in mounds throughout your yard, are common across Florida. By instinct, these ants seek out the nearest dry land when it rains—and that usually ends up being your home. Since they are always seeking food, too, you’ll most likely spot them in your kitchen after a rain.
  • These nuisance pests seek warm, dry places during rain. Since they often live in drains, pipes, and sewers, cockroaches crawl to the nearest safe space when it rains, which is usually inside a home or business. The cold-blooded insects can easily work their way out of your drains and through cracks in your home, so you’ll often spot them in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms where humidity helps them survive for a week without water and up to a month without food. While you may be able to deal with a few roaches by yourself, know when it’s time to call the pest control experts at Evergreen.
  • These eight-legged pests love warm weather and hate the rain, so they’ll look for a safe, dry space to wait out a storm. They’re also on the lookout for prey, like other insects that have entered your home to escape the rain too.
  • It’s not uncommon for Florida homeowners to see swarms of winged termites, or alates, after showers and rainstorms. They thrive in moist soil, so newly dampened ground is an ideal spot for these alates to camp out and begin the mating process. They can quickly mate and establish new colonies—ones that could soon be home to thousands of offspring. Don’t take any chances with these damaging pests! If you think you might have termites, check out these recommended tips from the termite control experts at Evergreen.

Evergreen Helps You Keep Pests at Bay, Regardless of the Weather Outside

Florida’s warm, often-rainy weather leaves homes and businesses in the entire state vulnerable to a wide range of nuisance and sometimes damaging pests. If you notice increased pest activity in your property following a rain, don’t risk a potential infestation. Instead, call the pest control experts at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Orlando to stop the problem in its tracks. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 to schedule your free consultation!