Fall Lawn Treatments to Get Rid of and Prevent Weeds

During Florida’s hot, humid summers, weeds experience a growth spurt just like grass does. As temperatures cool down in fall, it’s an opportune time to attack weeds while they’re at their most absorbent.

Here’s a brief guide to the best weed prevention treatments for Florida yards in the fall.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Eco-friendly pre-emergent herbicides prevent weeds from sprouting and growing when it’s applied to your lawn before the seeds germinate. In Florida, pre-emergent herbicide application is most successful in October and November, when the soil temperature generally drops to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the soil reaches this temperature, your lawn care professional can apply the herbicide whenever the need arises, but herbicides usually last between 6-12 weeks. Any weeds that appear after treatment can be handpicked, but the chance you’ll encounter them after a professional herbicide application is low.

There are several pre-emergent herbicides available depending on your turf type and the kinds of weeds you’re dealing with. Working with a professional lawn care company pays dividends. Your treatment expert can determine the type of grass you have, which is crucial, since what works on zoysia grass may not work on other common Florida grasses like St. Augustine grass. By understanding the type of lawn you have, your treatment professional can choose the best pre-emergent herbicide to ensure a weed-free spring.

Post-Emergent Herbicide

If you deal with pesky perennial weeds like clover, dandelion, knotweed, or plantain year after year, speak with your lawn care experts about a post-emergent herbicide. A fall application sends killing chemicals right to the roots, so you won’t have to deal with these troublesome weeds when spring arrives.


As fall approaches, grass growth slows throughout Florida. Most Florida lawns feature warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass, bahiagrass, St. Augustine grass, or zoysia grass. By applying the proper fertilizer to your Florida lawn in the fall, you’ll encourage the grass to grow healthy and full the following spring. Fertilizer encourages root growth and development, so you can count on lush, dense turf when temperatures get warmer. Maintaining a thick, healthy lawn is a great way to keep weeds under control, since they’ll have no room to sprout and take root.

Free Your Lawn from Weeds This Fall with Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control

With the rainy season in the rearview mirror, it’s time to prepare your Florida lawn for fall and winter. The best way to ensure your grass grows healthy and green next spring is by applying the right treatments to control and rid your lawn of weeds for good. The lawn care experts at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control in Leesburg are here to help! We’ll determine the best course of treatment based on your turf type and the weeds you’re dealing with, so you can count on a beautiful lawn the moment spring arrives. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 for your free consultation!