How Can I Get Rid of Asian Roaches?

Dealing with an Asian cockroach infestation? These troublesome pests prefer to live outdoors, making themselves at home in your lawn or garden, and they’re incredibly difficult to control thanks to their abundant population and ability to fly long distances.

These nuisance pests become active at sundown, and they’re attracted to lights, making it difficult for Central Florida homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces after dark. While indoor infestations are rare, Asian cockroaches can easily make their way inside, carrying diseases that can be contracted by humans if they contaminate food. If you suspect you have an Asian cockroach problem at your home, here’s how to identify these pests and eliminate the infestation for good.

Identifying Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroaches look very similar to the notorious German cockroach—a common indoor pest in Central Florida. Before you can carry out any treatment program, you need to know what type of pest you’re dealing with. Here are some of the characteristics of Asian cockroaches, so you can easily identify them:

  • Asian cockroaches and German cockroaches look almost identical to each other, as they’re both ½ an inch long. Asian cockroaches are slightly lighter brown in color and have longer, narrower wings.
  • Asian cockroaches are much more capable fliers than German cockroaches. The German variety rarely flies, even when disturbed, while Asian cockroaches can fly up to 120 feet at a time. If you’re watering your garden beds and notice hundreds—or even thousands—of insects take flight, it’s a good sign you have an Asian cockroach problem.

The best way to determine whether you have an Asian cockroach infestation—or any other pest problem in your yard or inside your home—is by reaching out to the pest control experts at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property, pinpointing the type of infestation you’re dealing with, what’s causing it, and what solutions work best to treat it.

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How to Handle an Asian Cockroach Infestation

If an inspection reveals an Asian cockroach infestation, your pest control technician will develop a targeted treatment plan to eliminate the problem once and for all. Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control only uses eco-friendly treatments that are family- and pet-safe. While your treatment plan will vary depending on the severity and location of the infestation, we’ll suggest the following methods for removing Asian cockroach populations from your property:

  • Outdoor eco-friendly barrier treatment that kills Asian cockroaches and repels them from your property.
  • Outdoor application of eco-friendly insect bait.
  • Indoor treatment with eco-friendly bait.

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Enjoy Your Property to the Fullest With Eco-Friendly Pest Control Treatments From Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control

Asian cockroach infestations can be difficult to remove, mainly because these resilient pests reproduce so quickly and travel so easily. If Asian cockroaches, or any other nuisance pests, are keeping you from enjoying your yard—or if they’ve invaded your home—call Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Debary today at (407) 880-6655. We’ll develop a personalized eco-friendly treatment plan that protects your property, so you can say goodbye to nuisance pests for good.