How to Fill in Bare Areas of Your Lawn

Having trouble fixing troublesome bare patches in your yard? While every homeowner dreams of a healthy, thriving lawn, it’s a very difficult feat to achieve. If you’re dealing with bare or bald spots in your yard, here’s what you can do to treat them.

Determine the Cause of Bare Spots in Your Yard

If you want to treat bald patches in your yard, the first thing you must do is determine what the underlying issue might be. Thin or bare areas of a lawn can be caused by several lawn care issues, including:

  • Heavy foot traffic that leads to soil compaction
  • Heavy shade from trees
  • Insect infestations
  • Misapplication of weed or insect control products
  • Prolonged drought
  • Weed infestations
  • And more

Getting to the root cause of the problem is critical when it comes to avoiding future bald patches. Instead of leaving it to guesswork, reach out to your lawn care experts who can take an informed look at things like your soil, grass type, and potential problems like pests or diseases to determine how to best treat the issue. 

Repairing Bare Areas of Your Lawn

There are several techniques for repairing bare areas of grass—it all depends on the specific problem you’re facing. Reach out to your trusted lawn care technician to determine the cause of the problem. The method for fixing it could include one or more of the following:

  • Seeding. While many homeowners believe that overselling a lawn can quickly fill in bare patches, this technique only works under the right conditions. If you plan to seed in the spring or the fall—when air and soil temperatures are ideal for the process, make sure the soil is prepared. If your soil is compacted due to heavy foot traffic, your technician may suggest core aeration to let the soil breathe and absorb helpful nutrients. Many Florida lawns also have an acidic soil pH, so may also need to balance the soil pH to ensure good seed establishment.
  • Insect Control. If insects are the cause of bare spots in your yard, your lawn care technician will suggest an insect control program to deal with the problem of insects while protecting beneficial species.
  • Disease Control. Sometimes, fungus or disease can be the cause of bare spots in your lawn. Your lawn care technician will prescribe a comprehensive disease control course to treat the issue.
  • Fertilizer Application. If your lawn has poor soil conditions, fertilizer application may help fix bare spots. Your lawn care technician will apply an appropriate fertilizer at the right time, especially if you’re re-seeding the bare patches.

The Guaranteed Way to Fix Bare Spots in Your Lawn 

Fixing bare spots in your lawn is a more challenging task than it seems. Rather than leaving it to guesswork and ending up with a patchy lawn right in the middle of growing season, let the lawn care experts at Service Choice of Ft. Lauderdale fix your lawn the right way.

After an initial consultation, we’ll develop a customized lawn care treatment program that meets the unique needs of your grass and encourages healthy, long-term growth. Call us today at (954) 568-9955 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation