Most Common Areas American Roaches Nest in Homes

Worried you have an American roach problem in your home? Roaches are a year-round problem in Florida. If you spot one roach scurrying across your bathroom floor or your kitchen cabinets, there are likely many more nearby. As you check your property for roaches, here are the most common areas the American cockroach nests in homes, and what you need to do if you see one.

What Is a Cockroach Nest?

Unlike other insects like ants that build noticeable mounds, the American cockroach doesn’t build the type of nest you’ll immediately spot. A nest simply refers to any space where cockroaches congregate—often in dark, warm areas of buildings.

Roaches don’t nest for communal reasons; rather, they nest in spots that are most advantageous for each individual. Dark, warm spaces are as safe a place for one cockroach as it is for an entire group of them.

If you see a single cockroach in your home, it’s a good sign you have an infestation on your hands. Roaches often nest far from human contact, so they could be expanding their colony without your knowledge. Look for signs like discarded molts, droppings, and egg casings—they’re all telltale signs that a cockroach nest is nearby. 

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Common Areas of the Home Where the American Cockroach Nests

In general, roaches look for the warmest, darkest, and most humid areas of the home to nest—areas they know they won’t be disturbed. They often nest in spots that provide easy access to food and water sources. The most common areas you’ll find the American cockroach in your home include:

  • In the kitchen. Roaches often congregate in the kitchen since food and water can be found nearby. Any dark, enclosed areas are perfect nesting spots for roaches. Check cabinets, kitchen drawers, and pantries. Be sure to pull out your refrigerator and stove. Since these areas are warm, dark, and rarely disturbed, they’re prime nesting areas for roaches.
  • In the Bathroom. Roaches love living near a constant water source, and they love to make themselves at home in bathrooms near plumbing and drains. Bathroom cabinets and closets are typical hiding spots for roaches.
  • In and Under Furniture. Even tiny crumbs left in your furniture can attract roaches. Also, cockroaches often find the areas below your furniture attractive if you don’t clean under couches or sofas regularly since crumbs and food sources can gather in these areas.
  • Crawl Spaces. Homeowners rarely interact with their crawl spaces, so they are prime nesting grounds for roaches. If they haven’t already, roaches living in your crawl space find their way into your home to snack on available food sources. 

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Take Control of a Roach Infestation Right Away

If you think you have an infestation but can’t locate it–or if you’ve spotted signs of active infestation—don’t hesitate to call your trusted pest control experts immediately. The professional pest control technicians at Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control – Leesburg know where roaches like to hide and can treat the problem, in the most effective, eco-friendly ways possible. Call us today at (407) 880-6655 to schedule your free pest control inspection!