Should Pest Control Come Before or After Cleaning My House?

Many homeowners have lots of questions when they hire a pest control service. Whether you’ve spotted a few creepy crawlies around the house or you’re dealing with a full-blown infestation, one of the first questions homeowners ask about pest control is: “Should pest control come before or after I clean my house?”

At Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control, we recommend every homeowner perform a thorough cleaning of their home (and yard, in some cases) before scheduling pest control service. Read on to learn how to prepare your property for pest control.

Perform a Thorough Clean—Inside and Out

When you have a pest problem at home, pest control technicians need to access all areas of the property where pests may be hiding. You should dust, vacuum, and keep your home’s interior tidy so it’s easier for your pest specialist to move around and perform all necessary treatments.

If your pest control issue is relegated to the exterior of your property, spend some time tidying up your yard, too. By keeping your grass mowed and trimming any shrubs or hedges, technicians will be able to access the areas they need to perform treatments, and you’ll also keep the infestation from getting worse before your technician arrives.

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Remove All Paper Goods

All sorts of bugs love hiding in paper and cardboard. As you’re cleaning up around the house, in the garage, and in your yard, dispose of all paper goods and boxes so that your pest control treatment will kill any insects that would otherwise be hiding inside.

Remove Food

Insects and other pests stay inside homes not only for shelter but also for food. If you’re receiving certain pest control treatments, it’s wise to remove all food from the home if it isn’t stored in sealed containers. It’s always wise to consult your expert pest control technician to determine which items are safe to leave in the home and which ones must be removed during treatment.

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Keep People and Pets Away

While Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control uses eco-friendly, family-friendly pest control treatments that are safe for adults, kids, and pets to be around, always listen to your pest control technician’s directions about occupancy before treatments begin. They may tell you to remove all people and pets from the premises, and if treatments are done on the home’s exterior, they may recommend keeping people and pets indoors until your technician says it’s safe to interact with grass or plants again.

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