What Does It Take to Repair a Dying Lawn?

Is your lawn looking less than perfect? Resuscitate a dying lawn with these helpful tips from Leesburg's lawn care experts. 

Summer is at its peak, and although some enjoy soaking up the rays, it can take a toll on your lawn. Everyone wants the perfect green lawn, but that can be hard to achieve, especially during the summer months. Our specialists here at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control have put together a DIY guide to help repair your dying lawn in the middle of summer.

Remove debris and dead grass

The best way to revive dead grass is to remove it all together and reseed. Remove and clear out any debris and dead grass. Use a rake to loosen the soil to dig up the grass root, dig and loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil to make sure you remove all dead grass.


Next, replant the grass by spreading grass seed on the loosened soil. Make sure to choose the seed that matches the rest of your grass in your backyard. Use the rake to gently rake the seed into the top ¼ inch of the soil to ensure growth. To prevent birds from feeding on the seeds, cover the area with straw to lock in moisture and to protect.

Water frequently

After the seeds are planted, you want to make sure that the area is well watered. During the first week, make sure the patch is never dry, and water religiously. When you see the grass start the sprowt, make sure you keep the soil moist. In the beginning, you will need to be watering a few times a day, but after a couple of weeks you will only have to water once a day for about ten minutes. Pro tip: Water evenly to ensure that your seeds don’t wash away and prevent bald patches in the grass.


When the grass is about an inch tall, start fertilizing to help encourage blade growth. Scatter lawn fertilizer specifically for new grass so it can get the proper nutrients. Do not fertilize too soon. If you fertilize before you see any growth, you can burn the roots of the grass, and it will not grow at all. To keep your lawn looking luscious and healthy, make sure to apply fertilizer every 6 weeks.

Keep your lawn green and healthy

To prevent future brown patches, make sure that there is nothing clogging the growth of the grass. Vacuum up sand, gravel, and pebbles that might inhibit growth. When you have backyard parties, try not to spill anything on the grass. If you have pets, take them on walks instead of letting them out in the back so they do not go to the bathroom on the lawn.

If you've exhausted your DIY options and your lawn is still in need of repair, the expert technicians at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control can help! We're a lawn care company in Orlando that can keep your Give us a call at [phone-number] to keep your lawn green and healthy all season!