What’s Eating My Florida Lawn? 3 Pests to Look Out For

Is your lawn not looking as lush and green as it should, even though you’re taking great care of it? A pest issue could be to blame. Lawn pests are common throughout Florida, and several will snack on your grass and even your ornamental plants. If you suspect something’s eating your Florida lawn, here are the top three pests to look out for.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are destructive pests throughout Florida. There are several species of chinch bugs throughout the state, and they each prefer a particular type of grass. So, no matter what grass grows in your lawn, it’s vulnerable to damage from these hungry pests. While chinch bugs are difficult to see, here are some identifying characteristics:

  • Distinct coloring, with black, white, and red spots
  • Hard bodies with wings that fold over their backs
  • Tiny size, with most species measuring only about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length

Most Florida lawns have small populations of chinch bugs, and this typically isn’t a problem. When these pests increase in large numbers, though, they’ll feed on and destroy your grass and plants, injecting toxins that prevent them from getting moisture and nutrients from the soil. Your lawn and ornamental plants will turn yellow and die, so controlling an infestation early—with the help of Service Choice—is critical.


Whiteflies commonly attack ornamental plants rather than grass, so if you spot whiteflies in your lawn, it’s a good indicator they came from your plants. Whiteflies suck fluids from plants, and infestations are often only noticed when leaves turn yellow or spotted. 

A whitefly infestation is difficult to control and is best left to the experts at Service Choice. Most homeowners mistakenly apply an insecticide to control whiteflies, but this often eliminates natural whitefly predators and makes the problem worse. Monitor your plants by frequently checking the underside of leaves for these tiny white insects and contact Service Choice immediately to eliminate an infestation the right way.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets are often attracted to lawns with Bahiagrass. These troublesome pests are a serious problem in Florida, and they tunnel through and snack on the roots of your grass, as well as plant leaves. Three species of mole crickets are common in South Florida, including the large tawny mole cricket, the dark brown southern mole cricket, and the short-winged mole cricket. 

While you can pour a mixture of detergent and water to test your lawn for mole crickets, it’s best to call the pest control experts at Service Choice right away. We deal with mole crickets the eco-friendly way, protecting beneficial predators and eliminating infestations quickly and effectively.

Get Year-Round Protection for Your Lawn

Floridians are all too familiar with dealing with pesky pests invading their lawns. From caterpillars to chinch bugs, these nuisances can wreak havoc on your beautiful grass and vegetation. It’s important to know the type of pest that you are dealing with so that you can appropriately treat it before damage is done to your yard. 

Call the lawn care and pest control experts at Service Choice of Oakland Park at (954) 568-9955 for your free lawn pest evaluation. We’ll detect the presence of any nuisance pests that may be setting up shop in your yard and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to keep your lawn pest-free this spring and beyond!