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Get $75 off The Best Lawn Care in Altamonte Springs
Florida’s climate can be taxing on a lawn. Maintaining a vibrant and healthy yard all year round requires not only a great deal of knowledge but also a great deal of time. Here at Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control, we make lawn care in Altamonte Springs simple.

Professionally Trained Technicians

All of our staff are highly trained individuals who are committed to constant learning, which is why our staff is among the best in Central Florida. 

Eco-Friendly Treatments

All of our services are delivered in environmentally sound ways, so you can rest assured the job is not only being done correctly but safely as well.

Family Owned & Operated

We're a family-run service company that has been providing complete pest management and lawn care solutions to our neighbors since 1991.

These guys rock! Weeds are impossible to find now. In just a few months its been better than years with the competition. 


Lawn Care in Altamonte Springs

Here at Evergreen, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the industry’s latest developments, new and eco-friendly products, and advanced techniques. By doing so, we are confident that we’re providing the best services for lawn service in Altamonte Springs. When you partner with Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control, you can rest assured that your yard is in the best hands. With over 28 years of experience, we know how to bring life and vibrancy to your lawn in every season.

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Everything You Need For A Beautiful Lawn

Our lawn service is specially tailored to meet the needs of each client. Providing you with the best lawn on the block is always our goal, so we perform a thorough inspection to determine what your yard needs. When you sign up for lawn care in Altamonte Springs through Evergreen, you will receive:

  • Soil analysis so we know which nutrients are present in your soil.
  • Granular and liquid fertilizers for various times of the year.
  • Disease control to protect your lawn from becoming infected or minimizing severity.
  • Full insect protection so bugs don’t come in and eat away all the progress we’ve made.
  • Crabgrass and Zoysia grass removal, treatment, and prevention.
  • Prevention of St. Augustine grasses.

Guaranteed Results

We treat every lawn as if it were our own, and have built our reputation on guaranteed results. Sign up for our yearly lawn care package, and wow your friends and neighbors with a beautiful lawn! What’s more, because we love building lasting relationships with our customers just as much as we love healthy lawns, we offer free service calls and re-treatments if you aren’t completely satisfied with our results! To get you started, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

Did you know we also offer pest control in Altamonte Springs in addition to lawn care? Learn more about how our one-stop-shop can also protect your home from pests!

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Lawn Aeration in Altamonte Springs

Over time, the soil in your yard becomes compacted, making it difficult for your grass to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to thrive. This results in a lackluster lawn riddled with brown spots, bare patches, and thinning grass. To reverse this type of damage, we use core aeration machines to create small, evenly spaced holes throughout your yard to give your grass room to grow, promoting stronger, healthier roots. Our lawn aeration in Altamonte Springs also includes our custom lawn fertilization program to give you the best results.

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Our machines pull out cores of soil from your lawn and deposit them on the surface, giving your grass room to grow without removing existing nutrients. After that, we apply a premium grade, slow-release lawn fertilizer to give your grass the extra boost it needs, giving you the beautiful outdoor space you deserve. Benefits of our lawn aeration in Altamonte Springs include:

  • Healthier, easier to maintain lawn.
  • Increased resistance to drought, disease, and insects.
  • Reduced amount of standing water on top of your lawn.
  • Stimulated grass growth, eliminating thin or bare spots.

Get the lawn of your dreams today with our lawn care services!

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